Pacific University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best thing about Pacific is the education. I think Pacific challenges most students most of the time and provides a strong liberal arts foundation. However, sometimes you have to consciously choose to take more challenging classes because it is possible to get by on easy "A"s. Most of the professors I had were really awesome and there were a few that I would take their class no matter what they were teaching. The profs care about students' success and make themselves available if students need extra help or just want to chat. I've heard from other students that the study abroad program is a major asset and definitely an important part of their college experience, though I haven't done it myself. The school is very small and the surrounding town is even smaller, so there isn't a lot to do and that seems to be a major complaint. Portland is a 1 hour commute by car, 1.5-2 hour commute on public transport, so people don't go there that often (maybe once a month?). The small size is good in that classes are small and you get to know your professors and classmates well, but it also means that class offerings and other opportunities (internships, extracurriculars) are limited. Some classes only come around once every 3-4 years. Another common complaint is the administration. They can be very inflexible at times and don't always seem to be there for the students, sometimes even becoming an obstacle to a good education. I didn't think that they really support student initiative. I spend most of my time in class, in the UC, or in the library. I actually was commuting from Portland so I didn't experience the same cabin fever/boredom as other students stuck in Forest Grove for 9 months. The campus is very beautiful with lots of hundred-plus-year-old trees and some classic architecture. Nothing is too spread out, so it's easy to get around on foot. (Just bring rainboots)