Pacific University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who wants the "college experience" should not attend Pacific University because there are not a lot of raging parties that happen here. Mostly the reason for this is because most of the people here are paying a lot of money to attend this college and therefore don't want partying and other aspects of the infamous "college experience" to interfere with that. These people include myself.


someone who isnt ready to work hard. some classes can demand alot from students, but it is worth it and can be fun.


Someone who has to be in a loud, busy, and "party" atmosphere; or who has to be close to the city life might likely get depressed here.


The politically conservative may not want to attend Pacific, as it is a very liberal-minding University. Also, Pacific is very small, so if one were to wish to be a "little fish in a big pond", this is not the right school either.


If you are looking for a school with the "college expectation" portrayed on movies such as that on the Old School, Road Trip, Accepted, and Van Wilder, Pacific isn't really for you. While these movies definately over-exaggerate the fun side of college, Pacific has a primary focus on its academics and therefore doesn't dabble to much into a lot of these sort of activities. If you are not willing to work hard and strive to achieve your goals than Pacific University is not the college for you; Pacific demands effort and a mutual respect for its goals.


Someone who isn't willing to work hard


One who is looking to get lost in a sea of students because profs don't let that happen here. Also, someone who is only in college to party; we have fun, but it is also a strong academic university.


Those who aren't accustomed to WHITE living.


People who like large class sizes and big parties. Someone going for an engineering degree.


someone who wants to join a typical fraternity or wants to go to a college football game


People who hate those from Hawaii. There are so many students from Hawaii here, and they are a little racist against white people. People who want to live in a big city, Portland is about 45 minutes away, or 1.5 hours on public transportaion, but this is definately a small town. People who don't like rain or snow or being cold a lot of the time.