Paine College Top Questions

Describe how Paine College looks to someone who's never seen it.


Paine College is a great place to further your education, your relationship with Lord, and get connected with the faculty, staff, and students.


Paine College is a Liberal Arts College that cares and support students academically and finding scholarships. The college help students one on one in order to find finacial assistance and they will look out for you just in case there's free money available. Once you attend Paine its like a family because when you graduate from th school there is always someone on campus who remebers you.


Paine College is a very southern, country, somewhat ghetto, and overall just not great.


Paine college is a school of a great history, has a loving family enviroment but it isn't for everyone.


The school is small and you get to know everyone. You can say it is like a second family with some new an exciting to meet all the time.


My school is small and intimate.


Paine College is religious.


The school is small, friendly, and academically stimulating.