Paine College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When i was Freshman at Paine and had the time to go out all i would brag about was the parties to my friends , and tell them how much fun they were and the new faces i met , and how it was great to get away from campus drama and school work and take your mind away from things that clouded it at times ! the Parties at school then were the best.


When I brag about my school, it tell people that my school is extremely historical and it is an HBCU. We get to experience a different side of life while attending a school that has a majority of people of color. The people and teachers are very friendly.


Paine College is a black historical school of liberal arts, located in the heart of the beautiful city of Augusta Georgia. It is a small college, hence students have access to their professors which helps in proper understanding of classes. One of the beauties of the school is that it inter-racial and international. Students are exposed to cultures from different parts of the world. Paine College was founded by the United Methodist Church and as such its a christian college which upholds and teaches the tenets of christianity. My school breeds responsible, hardworking and law abiding citizens.


I tell them I used to attend the Upward Bound Program that is affiliated with Paine College. During my senior year in the Upward Bound Program, I was able to take two free college courses and stay on campus for the summer with other seniors who were able to attend. Afterwards when I transferred to another institution I was already ahead of the game having six credit hours my freshman year!


Honestly the only thing I would really brag about would be the material that I am learning in my major classes and of course sports due to the fact I'm an athlete. Right now the school is going through with some major renovations and I must say I am elated about the decisions being made around campus. As far as teachers and professors go, they dedicate themselves to their students so I could also brag about them.


I brag about the wonderful friends that I have met here. They are the greatest. No matter how bad things get, whether its with our grades or financial aid, I can always count on those I called friend. At times there are not many things to do in this town but as long as a person has a group of friends at Paine they can get through anything. Staying up all night talking and laughing in the dorms are the best memories I have at this school. And when we leave for breaks we all miss each other so much.


nothing muchto brag about