Paine College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Paine College?


A person who likes to meet and interact with lots of diferent people, shouldn't attend Paine College. The school is very small in student attendance, so you won't meet too many new people.


It is an institution that promotes academics and a responsible lifestyle for youths and young adults. Individuals who do not share the dream of living responsibly while concentrating on their academics are not suitable for this institution of higher learning.


A person made to go by the parent.


One who is not comfortable around majority of African Americans. Have to get what they need outside of the school and having a hard time with money situations.


A person who is serious about their academics and who is looking for a small college to receive more personal attention.


A person that should not attend Paine College is someone who has an issue with race. If you perfer a mixture of different races then Paine is not good for you. Also you should not attend Paine College if you want to go to a big school. Paine has a very small campus.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is the one who does not take well to direction. This school adheres to a strict code of conduct. If one does not take well to authority and discipline, Paine College would not be the best choice for him.


Any body can attend this school and they will be welocomed withopen arms.


People who aren't focused and plan on laying around all day thinking that they will pass their classes when they will just flunk out.


The type of person that should not attend this school is a person that lives far and will get home sick. Also, a that wants to be in a big classroom setting should not attend this school. Do not attend this school if you do not want everyone to know your buisness around campus.