Paine College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Paine College know before they start?


Don't go into college with any expectations. When you make the transition to college, only come with goals; and a plan on how you need to achieve those goals that you set. And when you get distracted, just think about the goals you set, and the plan you set to achieve those goals.


"Shavonna Study hard , take your grades seriously ,Because it will be worth it in the end , and most importantly Follow your heart and dreams and do what makes you happy." If i could go back and talk to my high school self i would most definitely tell myself to study ,study,study ! Test taking was one of my biggest problems in high school and i had very poor study techniques . If i would have studied harder and applied myself a lot better i'm sure i would have had better options in colleges to attend rather than settling . I would have said make better choices in life as far as education , fill out those scholarships and just most importantly apply myself better ! You can do great things if you set your mind to it , don't let anyone's words discourage you !


If I was able to go back in time and talk to my younger self as a high school senior, I would tell my past self, the pros and cons of college life on an academic and personal level. Knowing what I know now about college life and the huge trasition that comes along with it, I would tell my past self to prepare to become a stronger individual. College is a whole new learning experience on a different level. This is the time that you have to be able to conquor the world and take charge of your life. People now consider you as an adult and certain things will have to be accomplished on your own. It is essential that you maintain good grades and keep a positive attitude anywhere you may go. Independence is key when you are in college. Making it your duty to get a job while in school shows that you are in that mindframe to take care of your needs first and foremost. You must also be involved in clubs and organizations throughout your campus, so in that way, you are destined for greater opportunities. But determination, dedication, and hardwork is fairly improtant.


In high school I did not have a care in the world. I always foucsed on my work, sports, and making sure that me and my family werre stable with me being the man of the house. So I already had a few big responsibilites to take care of. When it was time for me to start filling out college applications I was ready. I was anxious to go to college like any other student would or should be. When move in day came of course I had some of my family and friends to help me move in. I had no idea what was in store for me one the first day of classes. When school started progressing I sometimes waas late because there was no one there to tell me to get up. Also, the professers never told you when work was due , it was up to you to read the syllabus. So have said all of that I would have giving my self way more responsiblites in high school and also I would have taken things upon myself to see when work was due instead of waiting on my teachers to say when.


Hey make sure that you stay focused if you want to be in the school of your dreams, don't let friends distract you, remember to let the Lord lead you to where you should be.


Going to college as a first time freshman can be very challenging. Now that I know more about college there are a lot of things I should have done differently. I am out on my own now and there are a few things that I wish I would have done while I was in high school, like getting a job because as a college student you will get tired of the café food. There are also a lot of events that goes on during college and as a freshman you do not want to miss any event. If I could go back in time and give myself advice as a high school senior I would tell myself to take more classes outside of female weight condition and gym class. There are certain programs on the computer that I do not know how to work because I did not take computer class. I would also tell myself not to take my class work so lightly just because I am about to graduate soon. Class still goes on and you still have to do work. I would tell myself to apply to more scholarships because the tuition of college is not cheap.


Often in life we recall moments in our life that we wish we could have changed for the better. During my senior year in high school I was very busy not only with my academics but with work and trying to enroll in college. I am very grateful that I was able to make a good GPA and graduate successfully from high school. If I could tell myself something my graduating year I would have told myself not to procrastinate as much. Procrastination is something that can ruin a student’s academic life. Before I graduated I often made the mistake of putting off assignments and rushing to do homework at the last minute. I would give myself this advice because if I didn’t procrastinate my senior year, my life would have been much easier and I probably could have made a higher GPA. But at the end I graduated high school successfully and got accepted into a good college, and for that I am very grateful.


One thing that I would tell myself as a high school senior is to stay in-state and not to attend an institution out-of-state because I would not receice as much financial money because I'm not a resident. I would also mention to stay at the campus I am most comfortable with and when I'm ready, transfer to another institute in Georgia. Most importantly I would tell myself that college is the most memorable and yet difficult; don't overwork yourself because it could end terribly. Enjoy life, hang out with friends, travel, have a part-time job to have some change in your pocket. Lastly, I would say, "Try not to overthink things or stress yourself out because you have time, you have to manage time but, don't worry know your professors, falcuties, staffs, and family to support you along the way.


Don't get caught up in Senioritis, focus on your grades and push yourself. Listen to everyone giving you advice on their experiences with their first year in college, try to learn from their mistakes and keep the lessons handy that helped them succeed. Learn to balance a checkbook and to make a budget. Get a job and save as much money as you can to help you with your bills for the first several months. Spend as much time with your family as you can, it sucks when you can't see them any time you like. Make good memories with them to help get you through the first year.


you have to take more responsiblities