Palm Beach Atlantic University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is an openly Christian university that strives to give students the best education possible in order to produce future leaders for the glory of God.


PBA is a school where you will ultimately be judged.


Palm Beach Atlantic University is a small college, beautiful college that makes you feel comfortable and at home in the midst of city life.


Palm Beach Atlantic University is a college that not only causes you to gain greater academic knowledge, but also a better understanding of who you are as a person and how you fit into the world around you, while providing a sense of community that you play a special role in.


A small school focused on spiritual growth and closeness to God without sacrificing the importance of a well rounded education that will firther you in your career goals.


Palm beach atlantic university is known for its high sence of community, beautiful beach location, and is small student to faculty ratio.


Palm Beach Atlantic University is a friendly, chrisitian environment with christian teachers who invest in their students' lives and is located in a beautiful city.


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Palm Beach Atlantic University is small with a lot of emphasis on the individual as well as placing an emphasis on a relationship with God.


A friendly Christian school that cares about people and the community.


PBCC is a school that accepts all races.


It is college it's self is horrible but some of the faculty and staff are nice and helpful.


Palm Beach Atlantic University is a great place to meet great people who you will want to stay friends with for the rest of your life; the professors are awesome and some of the classes really challenge you.


PBAU is a very welcoming college contain excellent teachers and friendly faculty. However I only wish is wasn't so expensive!!!


Palm Beach Atlantic University has wonderful academics that synthesis with the relaxation of the South Florida beach.


Palm Beach Atlantic University is an awesome university that is located in the heart of paradise.


FAU is affordable, but takes a long time to graduate.


A commuinty based spiritual, welcoming school that evolves it's efforts around God.


A great community