Palm Beach Atlantic University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Palm Beach Atlantic University is best known for being a school with integrity and respect. When a graduate from PBA is hired, their employer knows they are getting an honest, hardworking employee, because truthfulness and a good work ethic is what Palm Beach Atlantic demands from its students.


The beautiful location in downtown West Palm Beach with the water so close by.


My school is best known for its programs, such as business, pharmacy, pre-medicine, theater, music, and biblical studies.


It has an amazing Business and Pharmacy Program but by its students it's known for its family like community that includes the staff and students here.


Being the top christian college.


My school is best known for the wonderful students who achieve their goals and for the advisors and staff that interact with the students. Mytrys to make school the college experience a good one to all the students who attend.


My school is best known for the involvement of volunteering hours among the faculty members and students!


Serving Others!


PBA is best known for its location. The beach is within walking distance and it takes two minutes to drive there. The weather is very nice almost all the time, and who wouldn't want to live in sunny Florida all schoolyear? West Palm Beach is also ideal for shopping and has various nightlife activities available which appeals to many college students. Easily, my school is known best for its perfect location of the city, beach, and weather.