Palm Beach Atlantic University Top Questions

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Palm Beach Atlantic University is a christian based school. It may be a small university but it was the best decsion of my life. The part that makes it unique is we get to build relationships with our professors. My professor gets to know me better than anyone else can. Through all the hardwork i can meet my professor and he or she will help me with any questions i have. Another reason why it's unique, I get to live on the beach! After all the hard work i get to go to the beach and relax.


The teachers at Palm Beach Atlantic care about their students and want them to do well. Before enrolling at PBA, I attended a state college. While the teachers there were usually nice, I did not feel the same degree of empathy from them as I do from my teachers at my current school. Also, Palm Beach Atlantic puts a greater emphasis on helping out in the community. The university is constantly providing opportunities for its students to clean up the environment or help out in the underprivileged neighborhoods nearby.


My school has a graduation requirement called Workship which is basically community service. Each student is required to log forty-five workship hours each academic year. I love this requirement because it is a great way to get involved in the local community and serve others.


One thing that attracted me to this school more than the other ones I considered was the sense of community. It's not just a school that you come to and get an education. It is a school where people care about how you are personally doing and growing. You get to live in a community with your brothers and sisters in Christ and I have never experienced this anywhere else. Our school is also only a mile from the beach which makes it pretty unique!


It's a christian private school. Student learn about the christian life and take bible class. The university is near by the beach, stores, movie theater and lots of fun activity. Professor want to help you too pass the class since its a really small class room. Student and staff are very friendly and easy to make new friends. I was really amaze that they have chick fila near the school gym. The weather is beauitful, but in summer time the weather was so hot. You have to walk outside to go to go class in hot weather.


The location of the school is unique. Its close proximity to the beach attracted many student. I loved the small class sizes, but, looking back, I don't think that I would've spent all of the tuition money again if I had a "do over."


Honestly, I like PBA a whole lot. I would recommend it. I have met some pretty solid guys here and that's the truth.


My school gives students the opportunity to incorporate God into their daily like. It allows them to feel comfortable in a Christian environment. The activities planned are focused on helping students make friends and socialize in a new setting. They plan activities that help students stay in touch with their spirituality and they try to incorporate the idea that "Through Christ all things are possible.


My school is unique because it's a christian school that puts the LORD at the focus of every step of our college journey. Some things that makes the school stand out more is the small classes, the faculty members, the avalability to reach out to anything that is needed ranging from tutoring to spending one on one to get what a student needs. Last but not least this school is very involved in the community with volunteering and in any disaster that comes along the way of our journey. My school reaches out to help!


We are a small school, ad it is much easier to meet people and get to know people. Here you are more than just a social security number, you have a name and a face. You feel like you can make more of an impact.


If you're looking for a party school, PBA will not be the best choice for you. I think a lot of people come in with the wrong attitude, which is why some end up transferring out. There are certainly things to do during the weekends here, and you don't have to look hard to find them. The people here really are great. I have made friends that I will have for the rest of my life, which is a HUGE reason why I would never want to transfer. It's not hard to meet new people and make new friends because the school is smaller in size. It is very easy to get involved in different things around campus, and if you do, you will sincerely enjoy your experience at PBA. You will also grow in your faith during the time you spend here, even if you aren't really trying to. The people who surround you have the power to influence you, and there are many students here who are good influences.


It was and still sometimes is very hard to get plugged in at PBA. Be assertive, confident, and friendly in order to make friends ... I'll pray for you. :) Also, even when you do make the friends be aware of the fact that many students transfer out...then the same amount transfer in from other schools.


PBAU is unique in the fact that it is a Christian college, yet one does not need to be a Christian to enroll; it is very liberal in that it is less traditional than a lot of Christian schools.


It is a non-denominational Christian university that does not make religion a basis for admission.


Christian environment.


It is a very tight-knit environment, near to the beach, there is a lot of shopping around, and it is in a booming metropolitan area.


The urban location and proximity to the beach make this an ideal school for opportunity for participating and being involved in sports, arts & music, business and fun at the beach. The Florida weather is good year-round so it's a welcoming place for students from northern states.


The professors and people really care about you perosnally. I also have opportunities to work in the field i like, in addition to taking classes.


It's a Christian College.