Palm Beach Atlantic University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


PBA's professors are great. You're a face and name when at PBA. My favorite classes are the ones for my majors. PBA prepares the students mentally and spiritually. When I graduate I won't just be an English major-I'll be a Christian English Major fulfilling God's calling in my life.


The professors are great at PBA! They know your name, and you are never invisible in a class. The class sizes are small. The largest class I have had at PBA was about 50 students. I've had a History class with about 10 (which was awesome!). I never feel afraid to ask a question or get involved in class, because most students are pretty active. It is easy to connect with professors outside of the classroom. You can stay after class and chat, go to their office during hours, or send them an e-mail to set-up an appointment. You see professors walking around campus all the time, and often they are walking with their students. It's nice to see that the professors here value their relationships with their students. PBA also has some great elective choices, Scuba, for example. Right now I am in an Intro to Latin Dance class, which is a ton of fun! I absolutely love the Communication Department at PBA, mostly because of the professors. I feel like I am actually engaged in what I am learning and am able to apply what I have learned in the classroom to everyday life. Some of the courses I have enjoyed were: Interpersonal Communication (where you learn about relationships, among many other things), Gender Communication, and Non-Verbal Communication.


The professors at PBA know each students name. General Psychology is the best class in the world. Students at PBA generally study about 2 to 3 hours per day.


The professors are very caring and really want to see their students succeed. Professors will know your name and you won't be just a number. In fact, the academics and professors are my favorite parts of PBA! Someone I know graduated with an Accounting and Finance major. Within a year of graduation, he became the CFO of a local design firm…because of his professor’s encouragement and trust in his work ethic.


PBA is a great place academically. Class sizes are small and professors remember your name long after you have finished the specific class with them. Most classes have some sort of class participation built in that allows for a more productive learning environment. Professors understand that each student has a unique and valid prospective that can bring enlightenment to the class. I would highly recommend all prospective students to look into the Supper Honors Program at PBA. This is a great program that encourages learning through discussion of the great primary texts throughout history. Your textbooks are great works like Plato’s “Republic”, Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto”, Homer’s “Odyssey”, Shelley’s “Frankenstein” and anything and everything in-between. The professors in the Honors College are some of the best at the school and they truly care about their students. Many great relationships and lifelong friends will be developed between classmates in this great program. The professors I am involved in with my Pre-Health Biology major are excellent. The largest classes at PBA are taught by science professors and can be as big as 75 students. Even in a class that size the professor still is able to remember your name and face and makes the learning personal to you. Most of the upper level courses have much smaller numbers of students. I plan on entering Medical School once I graduate from PBA in May 2010 and I am sure that I will be ready. The required courses for Biology majors are definitely very hard, but they should be especially if the student is considering a future Medical degree. Foreign language is another of my many interests. The Spanish Minor at PBA is an excellent one, and is growing rapidly in the institution. I believe that if a person is to be successful in Florida, especially south Florida, the person needs to have a solid understanding of the Spanish language. The PBA Spanish department gives you a comprehensive understanding of the language and prepares you to enter the world fluent.


I love that PBA is a small school, so that I am able to get to know my professor's and they know me by name. The class sizes range from around 10 students to 70 or more if they are lecture classes. My favorite class right now is my Advanced Conversation Spanish class. The teacher is very friendly and we do a lot of fun things to practice and improve on our Spanish speaking skills. Most professors at PBA get to know their students and are willing to give extra help in order that their students can succeed. PBA is a liberal arts university Christian, so you are required to take some courses that are not for your specific major. I enjoyed these classes though, because I think that they give me a more well-rounded education.


Because PBAU is a smaller university, it gives the classes a friendlier feel; you know many other students in your classes and professors know more than just your name! One of my professors that I had for a class two years ago still says hi to me (by name!) whenever I see him on campus; professors here really care for their students and their success! There are many different opportunities for majors at PBAU. I am a Organizational Communication major with a Ministry Leadership Studies minor. I originally had my majors and minors reversed and so I have taken many classes in both the School of Ministy and also the School of Communication and Media. I am still getting to know most of the Communication professors, but I really love all of the Ministry professors!