Palm Beach Atlantic University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


During the day: GO TO BEACH During the evening: GO TO CITYPLACE City Place is an outdoor mall with a movie theatre, ice cream shops, restaurants, shops, puppy store, and many other things.


Sailfish Cup is a huge new-tradition on campus. It's only about three years or four years old, but it's hosted by Campus Recreation and Intramurals. It's a competition between Dorms over the course of a weekend that involves sporting events, board game competitions, and Lip-Sync (which is the most popular event... you can find performances on YouTube), among other things. This is by far one of my favorite weekends of the year. Live on campus for at least a year! If you do not, you will have a hard time feeling like you are a part of the community here. The girl to guy ratio is rumored to be pretty terrible. I don't know if it's all true, but I have been single almost my entire time at PBA. Many people who go here are in pretty serious relationships and it's not uncommon to hear of about a hundred weddings during the spring and summer. It's certainly not uncommon to have married or engaged students in your classes. There is no Greek life on campus, and if you're awake on Tuesday at 2 am you are either studying or writing papers. Not many students attend athletic events unless it's actually on-campus.


The most popular organizations, clubs and teams are the sports teams, Impact Leadership Team, Lacrosse, Club Volleyball etc. I met my closest friends at PBA during welcome week and the following weeks. Two of my best friends live in the same dorm as me.


A popular club at PBA is ILT (Impact Leadership Team). We've had Mike Huckabee and Francis Chan come to speak for chapel. Pretty Awesome! Ever heard of "Ring by Spring"? Come to PBA and you'll hear it a lot. It basically means that almost everyone is engaged by their senior spring semester.


PBA has numerous clubs and organizations to get involved with. They range from political organizations such as College Republicans and Democrats, to clubs around a specific major like Science or History club, to community service and social clubs. I am currently the president of the College Republican club on campus. We are a active club on campus, especially during elections, that works very closely with Republican candidates in the West Palm area and throughout the Nation. PBA is a very friendly place and the college Republicans and Democrats, although we disagree greatly, still get along well. Many of my close friends would not align themselves with my political ideals but that is what makes PBA a great place, people from differing backgrounds coming together in respectful conversation. I learn just as much outside class from my roommates and friends as I do in class. West Palm Beach is a great place to go to school. Being in a downtown environment there are numerous things to do within walking distance from campus. The beach is the most important one for most students and is within a mile from campus. Any given Saturday, if not every day, you will find most of your friends at the beach. City Place is an outdoor mall, located a few blocks from campus with tons of restaurants, shops, and a movie theater. It provides ample entertainment for PBA students on the weekends or on a Tuesday night when you just need to get away.


Student Missions is definitely one of the most popular groups on campus. Our school has a very big missions program, and they send students to over 20 countries during spring break and the summer. Going on a mission trip is a great way to experience God in another country, and worship in a way that is completely new and different than what you're used to. I went to Mexico my freshman year, and to Germany during the summer of 2007. Both trips were amazing opportunities for me to grow closer to God and to serve other Christians. Student activities plans a lot of fun events throughout the year. One of my favorite events are the Coffeehouses. Coffeehouse is an event that happens only a few times a semester, where students gather and there is free coffee and snacks and live music. Some of the Coffeehouses are themed, and some of them are open-mic. I love going to hear the music and hangout with friends.


Two activities that come to mind when I think "PBAU activities" are intramurals and coffeehouse. PBAU is big on intramurals; some of the sports played here are: flag football, basketball, softball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, soccer, and several others! Innertube waterpolo was recently added, that one should be interesting! It's fun to cheer on your friends playing in the games, they get so into them! Another fun PBAU activity are the coffeehouse nights. About once a month, there is a coffeehouse; students hanging out, free coffee, and a local band or even PBAU students playing in the background. There are open mic nights too! If you want to sing a few songs, read a poem, or showcase your hidden talent of playing the accordian, well then this is your night! Intramurals and coffeehouse are just two fun activities among many others at PBAU!