Palm Beach Atlantic University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is how far it is from my home. The school is absolutely beautiful and provides so many wonderful opportunities. The professors and staff are all super friendly and helpful. The sense of community is truly inspiring and the stress of community service is wonderful. Therefore, I truly have just one complaint about my school. It is hundreds of miles from my home. Palm Beach Atlantic University is a wonderful university that stresses the importance of community and service to others.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that it is very strict. Between visitation hours in which the school dictates when members of the opposite sex can be in other dorms and curfew for freshman students, there is an overwhelming sense of control. College should be a time of self-discovery, freedom, and independence and I believe that my school may incarcerate its students in its rules.


There is nothing bad about the school that I attend. The only thing that I would change is making the chaple sevice longer than 50 minutes.


I really dont have anything negative to say about this university. I was very content with everything.


The rules that exist about female and male interaction on campus are by the worst things about my current college. I understand and appreciate that it is a Christian College, however, I really dislike feeling as if I am still living under such strict rules.


i do not have worst things


The worst thing about Palm Beach Atlantic is the lack of life and activity on the weekends.


Although there aren't many bad things about PBA, I will say that there is quite a legalistic mentality here. People can be very quick to judge your entire religious outlook based on very little.


There are 2 things.... no greek life, and they should offer more spots open to pharmacy school


The art department is lacking facilities and teachers.


How judgemental the faculty/staff/students can be. It's a Christian affliated school and there is a lot of hypocrisy.


My school seems to have lost touch with the indevidual student. Professors are caring and personable, but the administration seems more intrested in making money than anything esle.


Very expensive.


The school is not diverse despite being located in South Florida. If you are not religious or Christian, it can be easy to feel left out of the mission trips and the required bible classes. There are few ways to express onesself ,and few people being open to new ideas due to religion. I believe this mostly due to the school's mission . The school follows Christianity in and out of the classroom. I recommend students to visit the campus and talk to the students and staff. Inform yourself about the requirements, such as attending chapel and taking bible classes.