Palm Beach Atlantic University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Palm Beach Atlantic is an extreamly religious school. This school helps colleges students grow tremendously in their faith. If an indivdual has no desire or is against faith for some odd reason, Palm Beach Atlantic isnt for them. Before class starts, we pray, and we also are required to attend chapel once a week which is one hour long. Chapel consists of singing and hearing a sermon given by various people.


Students who don't like rules, students looking for complete freedom in college.


I think this school welcomes all, but encourages those who attend to be believers in Christ and to be hard workers in education and service. I think people who aren't willing to sacrifice different things for a greater purpose shouldn't come to PBA.


People who should not attend this school are those who do not take their classes seriously. It would be a waste of their time and a waste of their/ their parents' money. If all a person does is mess around or do things that are detrimental to his of her well-being, then that person should definitely not attend.


The only kind of person that should not attend this school is someone who is uncomfortable with his or her faith. Palm Beach Atlantic University is based on core Christian values and the teaching styles reflect these values. The discussions and expectations in classes can often be challenging to one's faith. Therefore, one must be comfortable talking about faith. It takes a strong individual to be open and honest about spirituality and religion, but here at Palm Beach Atlantic University, this boldness is often expected of all students.


People who are looking for a "party" school where they can drink and "play around" should not attend this school. Since it is a Christian university, they have rules prohibiting underage drinking and having sex before marriage. Although they are not overbearing like some Christian colleges, they make those who go against the rules go to counselling.


Palm Beach Atlantic University is a very close community that allows students and faculty to greatly express their religious views and culture. Though this institution is strictly focused on Christianity, it does have a great amount of religious diversity. As a student at PBA, it is required to fulfill community service and chapel requirements, as well as a couple basic Biblical studies courses. Though this school does not discriminate, it is recommended that those who are uncomfortable with such religious expression and devotion do not attend.


If someone doesn't like a Christian environment and having to attend service, PBA isn't for them. Also, if a person doesn't like small classroom settings, and friendly teachers and classmates should't come to PBA. Also, if a person doesn't like a small school where everyone knows everyone, PBA isn't for them. PBA is structured to help students draw closer to the Lord, receive individual help, and pay very close attention to all their students. Students who come to PBA need to be willing to work hard and give back to the community.


Someone who is not willing to participate in school activities, such as chuch, communtiy service, and clubs.


Students that are looking for cultural diversity, that is looking for a college that has student that help each other, looking for a college that is eco-friendly, and looking for a college that is worth the cost.


Palm Beach Atlantic University is based on biblical principles; although you do not need to be a Christian to attend, it is recommended that you be of the Christian faith. A student could be active in the community and dedicated to learning. They should not be attending for the "party college experience" but for the joy of learning.


A person who is not wealthy, caucasian, and/or hypocritical probably should not attend this school. If you would struggle with being alone in social settings or being the only one of your race/ethnicity, this is probably not the place for you.


Someone who likes to party or do drugs.


someone that is determined and focused on a career. If you want to party in sunny florida, please dont come to PBA. PBA focuses on academics first and surfing comes after.


Individuals who do not want to be mandated for Christian activities, ie: mandatory Chapel, worship, mission work, etc.


if you have liberal political views