Palm Beach Atlantic University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known my suitemates' names and information prior to orientation, so that we could of planned our living enviornment together. We could of probably met before the school year started and bonded.


The teachers are extremely helpful and they're just people. I wish I'd known that so I wasn't so scared and had just went to them for help.


Before attending Keiser I wish I knew how much college was really going to cost me. I needed to do more research for scholarships. I wish I had gone to the librabry and applied for scholarships. I wish I knew there was an externship available before applying.


Palm Beach Atlantic University has a well organized 'passport' system that allows students to easily have access to fulfilling pre-semester requirements; such as financial aid, class registration, health forms, tuition bill pay, etc. When properly set up, this passport system allows students to easily maintain these requirements at the beginning of each semester. If students choose to not use this system, it is much more difficult and stressful to take care of these requirements. Prior to attending this institution, I was not told about this system. Therefore, I had to spend my first week struggling with these issues.


Upon my arrival to begin my first semester at PBA, I had never visited the school before. Sometimes I wish I would have known to do a campus tour as well as a city tour so that I would be able to adjust a little better to West Palm Beach. Although this is a really attractive city, I think I would have been better prepared to enjoy it if I would have come to visit first.


I wish I had known that college would not be as easy for me as high school was. It was a hard transition but now I've learned that it is up to me to take control of my future education and not rely so heavily on outside motivation.


I have yet to attend this school, there is nothing that I don't know about that I wish I knew about before.


I really wish I had known that people absolutely don't care what you're wearing unless you look like crap every day. You're all in the same boat, and it's not like you have to be a fashion icon... you're just going to class.


You do not remain friends with the first few people you meet throught your college career. That change is unavoidable and beneficial.


Make relationships with your professors. They help you both in academic issues, but also they can be invaluable connections and friendships that last for years. They can teach you so much, including how to manage your time and how to make sure that you get the right kind of job in your field.


The only thing that I wish I would have known before attending this school was the major that I wanted to declare. I think I would have taken more classes that had to do with what ended up being my minor, simply because I declared a Communication major before I knew what I wanted.


I wish I had know about this school during highschool, when I first started looking for a college.