Palm Beach Atlantic University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Location Christian atmosphere


How nice the on-campus housing is, how clean the city is, how beach-friendly the school is, how small our classes are, and how approachable the faculty and staff are.


I love Keiser University. The classes are small and we are required to take one class a month for each subject. I love that learning concept so I can focus on one subject only monthly.


The best things about my school are that it is a Christian University, it is clean, tha atmosphere is amazing, the people are friendly, and the beach is within walking distance from the school.


The best thing about PBA is the friendly, supportive staff and the professor's willingness to work with any student that may need help or simply dig deeper into the learning program they have chosen. As well as a great place to help out the community.


The best thing about my school would have to be their reputation and christian atmosphere they carry.


My school provides a well-rounded liberal arts education. The best attribute of PBA is the accomplished faculty and range of course diversity.


it was a perfect fit for me because it was 20,000 better than high school and without the drama, and a good surrounding christian environment


Get involved. Have fun. Study Hard. Don't slack. Don't party hard. Enjoy life in college: 4 years is NOT that long!




The feeling of acceptance and belonging. I knew no one when I went to school there, and the school did such a good job the week before school started to keep new students busy and meeting new friends. I met some friends for life the first week there.


I love the interaction between students and the professors and faculty!


My school is for students who like to stay close to home to go to school. It is super affordable.


The small size


Palm Beach Atlantic University is an alcohol and drug free school. The enforcement or campus rules is strict, which forces students to excel in their academics. Students also believe the rules that are set out, therefore, they also wish to suceed also. There are on-campus work oppurtunities. I work as a Chemistry Laboratory Assistant, which I love to do because I can learn and work hands on in my major. The campus is wonderfully located along the Florida intracoastal and only 3 miles away from the beach. It is a beautiful tropical environment that is warm throughout the year.


Everyone is friendly


My favorite aspect about Palm Beach Atlantic University is how well the faculty cares about their students. Because they care, the classroom is a positive learning environment, and students are influenced to preform better academically. In other words, the faculty motivates their students in postitve, fun ways.


The environment on campus is incredibly firendly and encouraging. There are always campus activities and the students on campus have a great attitude and outlook on life.