Palm Beach State College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This school is very focused on getting the students ahead in life.


Palm Beach State is awesome.


Although it may not be a difficult college, Palm Beach State College is the perfect school for students who don't know exactly what they want to do, but are actively seeking a potential career.


My school Palm Beach Community College is a school where the faculty and staff are friendly, the campus is clean and well maintained, and students mostly go to get an associates degree to transfer to a university.


A small but great school that gives you the tools and opportunites you need to succeed once you graduate and head off into the real world.


Palm Beach Community College is a great way to start out in your next step to education.


My school is refurbished and it is full of oppertunities.


Palm Beach Community College is an aesthetically pleasing institution with quality professors and accommodating services that guarantees students a premium education that will help them secure a path to a successful future in the workforce any beyond.


Palm Beach Community College, where education is not just your one-way ticket to a great career, but to study like a family of professionals.


it is a very good school fun school has fun activities.


My school had a great atmosphere and has a very caring faculty and staff for their students academic future.


the begining of my on going education


Good place to be.


Palm Beach Community College has uplifted me and given me renewed hope for my future.