Palm Beach State College Top Questions

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This school is unique because most of the students are from different wakes of life and are coming to school for various reasons. For most students this school is jsut a stepping stone for something greater in the future, whether it's to transfer to a larger school or to a greater position at work, it offers everyone an oportunity to learn.




What makes Palm Beach State College unique from other schools I considered is that it accepts students of all academic levels. For students like me who did poorly in high school, PBSC provides a chance to continue our education and work towards being able to transfer to a university, even if we were not originally accepted do to academic qualifications.


This school has smaller more personal classes which I think is better for learning


The distance from home makes it very unique to me. I maintained an education while still being familiar with my surroundings.


The School is set up for success, there are writing labs and Reading labs, workshops to assist you in how to navigate your way around the library when doing research. There are classes offered to help you in writing papers. There are abundant resources available. If you apply yourself it is very hard to fail.


You are able to do you degree online and the schedules are very flexible. You can also combine which campuses you would like to attend, whether it is in Boca Raton or in Lake Worth. There are a lot of diverse people here and everyone is very different.


Though far from home and extremely costly, I have considered Bethune Cookman University to be my only option when it came to pursuing my college degree in dentistry and nursing. However, the Palm Beach State College nursing program is known by many medical practices personally to be far more dexterous in the studies and practicals given to students throughout the required course. Also, their transfer program associated directly with Florida Atlantic University allows me to switch over my nursing courses on to my dentistry courses with ease while FAU is also noted for their succesful doctoral degrees.


All of the other colleges i considered were very high priced for the same enviroment that i have now. I wanted soemthing where i wasnt just a number, an ID card, or a face. I wanted to be known for me and my personality and a fairly reasonable price.


What's unique about my school is that it has small classes, allowing students to prosper in their education.


Palm Beach Community College provided the best education possible for me during my shoulder rehab. My dreams had always been set on playing baseball in college, but at the end of my senior year I endured a career ending injury. PBCC was a great transition from a athletics focused life to one focused on education and my future career.


The most unique, thing about Palm Beach Community College, is that it actually has a large amount of support to helo students be succesful in areas they may be struggling in. For example, they have math and writing ceneters, free tutoring services, and allow students to engage in more open discussions with their profeesors.


PBCC has made it possible for me to return to college and maintain my role as a working mother of two wonderful boys. Having three different campuses to choose from, in addition to the online classes offered, I have been able to take the classes I need in order to graduate with my AA degree this May.


What' s unique about PBCC is that you can go at ur own pasted. There's always someone there to help and advise you if you need help. The teachers are great and the class offered at the school as well.


I thouroughly enjoyed attending PBCC, the class sizes were small, and the professors really seemed to care about the well being and the futures of their students. I have attended Florida Atlantic University, a four year school, for a semester and i found that i enjoyed PBCC more, because of the smaller size.


The one thing i like the most about my school is because we have small classrooms,we usually have 24-30 students in a classroom, so that give everyone in the classroom a better of understanding the course.


My school is unique because of it's location. It is close to my house and it's close to my favorites things like the beach. Also the school offers a lot of programs that other schools don't.