Palm Beach State College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My school is great. I always brag the most about teachers.


The grades I have and how well i understand the material and the professors teaching style


When I brag to my friends about school, I boast about how great and informative my professors are. They truly help me understand each topic thoroughly before we move on which is a huge help; also the class sizes are small which allows us to have more in depth discussions which I love! Not to mention we have an on campus Dunkin Donuts!


I don't really talk to my friends much about school but when I do I tell them how much more freddom you have then you did in highschool.


that its a better school than theirs it doesnt cost as much and its better than their school.


I am always exciting to brag about how I enjoyed to be a College student in USA, even with my accent I am doing my best to earn my grade, making each class counts, I wish some of my teachers can slow a little bit down when they are teaching. I really think at the college level teachers are very serious, because they are expecting high school kids to be ready to handle the college level pressure, even tough we are young adults. Teachers are sometimes very tough ready to kick a student out after 3 absents should be out.


That it is so close to my house.