Palm Beach State College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


it doesn't matter who should or should not its open for everyone.




For those who fail to have the incentive to acutally study and learn. Those who feel that just becuase they're in a college that used to be a community college, doesn't mean you can slack off just like high school.


someone who isn't willing to to take a chance at furthering their education. If you have the guts to at least make an attempt, then i would say this campus would not be wrong for you.


This school is great for everyone from all types of backgrounds, however I would recommend for people who are willing to put forth the time and effort needed to pass any class satisfactorily, to find another school.


This is a trick question because the only person who shouldn't attend is the one who still sleeping.


Anyone can attend this school as long as you stay focused. The school is more hands on then university's and sometimes require more work. If you can not keep a solid work schedule for school then I wouldnt advise attending this school.


Someone who is not open minded to different cultures.


The kind of person who is incapable of attending this school is someone who has a lack of focus. If a student is being lazy or dont have a sense of motivation and dedication. I would say that person isn't going to succeed or shouldn't attend this school.


The kind of person that should not attend this school, I would have to say would be a lazy, self detrimental, non reliable, non responsible person, that aspires to be nothing more than a wasted mass in society. Someone who hasn't any goals or abbitions to become anything greater than a carbon form wasting oxygen; you have to be motivated and wanting more for yourself and family in life. I recommend that the person has high priority to become something great, to become a productive member of society, instead of a burdon on themselves and others around them.


A student who has not been exposed to different cultures and races would probably not fare to well here.


Anyone who is looking for a full-blown college experience should not attend this school. Further, due to the diverse demographic population any student who comes from a higher class area may not appreciate the student population or make-up of this particular campus. While another campus such as Palm Beach Gardens might be more aesthetically pleasing, the demographic is always going to be more diverse and lower-class in Lake Worth.