Palm Beach State College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to go to Palm Beach State College and dual enroll. Take as many classes as you can and don't worry about if it is easy or hard. Just focus on learning and being active in the community and you will be fine. Do not be scared to enroll in classes, thinking that they might be hard or because others told you that they couldn't do it or even if they said you can't do it. Just believe in yourself and get as much as resorces that you can find and study. Just continue to tutor other students,this is a great way for you to remember everything and also to be more social. Go to the wellness center and maintain your weight and your health. And lastly, do not take care about earning, what you might make after you graduate, instead focus on learning. Learn about anything and everything every single day. Stay curious. Love your books, spend as much time you want and can on learning.


I would tell myself to stress less, and enjoy school more. I would tell myself to take education seriously but worry less about the future that isn't here yet and focus on opportunities I have right now. I would tell myself to never compare the lives of other with my own, and to avoid passing judgement because nobody knows what others are going through.


stay on top of your studying and assignments, priotize your goals and enjoy everyday of school...


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior the advice that I would give myself is to prepare mentally and pyshcially to make the trasition to college. College is complete diffrent from high school. I would advice myself to prepare mentally because the level of understanding of college courses are diffrent for high school courses. also the mental aspect, that I'm not a kid anymore. I will be considered as an adult, and adults have responsiblities. I have to learn to prioritize those responsibilties. Moreover I have to learn to make tough and sacrificial decison.


the advice i would give myself ,never give up you half way to make it keep going you gonna be somebody in the fucture .Those people joint in to put put uou doing the going to regreted their life when you beacame succefull .


Be prepared for college. Save as much money as possible because you will need it. Enjoy your free textbooks. Take college classes while in high school to save time. Decide what you want to major in and stick with it. Most of all, have fun and enjoy your last year of being a kid that doesn't have real-life responsibilities.


If I were able to give my high school senior self one word of advice, it would be to learn how to study


Don't be afraid to speak when needed. Talking to teachers can actually help you to understand what you actually need. Don't be a defeatist and just surrender for a B. That A can help you boost up that GPA to even higher than it was when it was in High School. Proof-read your work or get Giovana to look over your work. You can write, but your grammar is something left to be desired. If you can, try to go to a grammar class to help improve on your work. Even if you got Bs, you could've push yourself even further. You can't just want the B or even the C. Get the A. Even little bit counts and it'll help you accumlated for your career. Better than having just 2 Dean's List, but 6 or even 8!


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior, is to focus, and don't let ego nor anger get in your way. Don't let people take your joy and your confidence of success away. That's something my mother has never accomplished when she was an high school. It's never too late to succeed. Only you have the power to achieve great things . so to myself as a senior , take more leaps to success, because the more leaps you take, the more you learn, the more success you have and all to come.


"After graduating from high school, I entered college. I thought I could handle it no problem because I got through high school, but that was it. I got through high school. With that mind-set, I would get through college, get an okay job, and get through life. I thought about that and it bothered me. I want to master college; I want to excel at a career, and I want to control my own life. You Michael must know this now. You have the mind-set to achieve beyond your wildest imagination, I should know. Get out of the little hole you are putting yourself in and start getting things done in your life. I undertsand you want to relax and have fun with your friends, but you can not do that working nine-to-five, making ten dollars a week. Work hard now, change your mind-set around to "I need to master this", whatever "this" may be. From graduating with the top of your class, to buying your two story house, you must go beyond "getting through" life, and start controlling your own life.


I would defenitely would tell myself to work harder, visit the school counselor to apply to as many scholarships available as possible, get involved in school activitiest and most importantly do dual enrollment.


If i were to go back in High School, I would get more involved in school activities and clubs. I would put myself out there and showcase my potential instead of hiding it. I had the potential to do almost everything but I was not a very outgoing person. I started to get involved late senior year but it was already to late for me to do what I really desire. I would also motivate my friends more so they would they education seriously. Coming from a different country, the transition was not smooth for me. I had to learn the hard way. Most of my friends dropped out because they think school was too hard or it was not meant for them. I would encourage them to stay no matter the circumstances because education is the key to success. I am not succesful yet but I know that I am in the right path.


The advice I'd give to myself during senior year is to continue going down the right path. Education is very important to me and I will never stray from it. College life isn't very hard, but it's not very easy as well; transitioning will be easy as long as you continue to go down the right path. You've fought extremely hard to remain on the honor roll, you've invested countless hours into your studies, you've persistently maintained a high grade point average just to throw it all away! You chose the path that will open many doors for you in the future, you must never deter from this path under any circumstances. To reiterate, if I could go back in time and talk to me senior year, this is the message I would deliver to me.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myslef as a high school senior and knowing what I know right now about college life and making the transition, I would advise myself with the right college ready steps and decision. Given that great advantages I would prep myself to apply to as much scholarship I can during or before my senioe began and apply to the college of the area of my interest. I would get everything that are needed to get done early for I can enjoy my senior year with no worries and not doing everything at last minute hoping that's it not too late. All the advice would of effect my decision and would of have me college ready.


This picture is related to scholarship theme : Picture your success after college. The flame represents taking a thought making it into a plan and putting it into action: lighting the fire. When it come to school after high school your education is the thought you need to put into action. Getting up and going to class is the flame. The unlit matches are the rest of the chain of plan of action. Each day of class are the matches waiting to be ignited. With the plan in motion and the drive to do it anyone can become a success


I was an exceptional student in high school. I graduated with a 4.58gpa in the top 5% of my class, yet I don't believe I actually put enough effort into my high school education. My first three years of high school, I was unmotivated and didn't take any difficult classes because I just did not want to deal with them. If I could give myself advice for today, I would say to do the best I can. It's not about taking the most difficult classes in the school and being overwhelmed, but about trying my hardest instead of slacking off. If I had been more diligent with my studies and took more difficult courses, I know I could've broken the top 5 students, instead of just the top 5%. I don't regret how I did in high school though, because I needed to go through that experience to understand how important it is to try my hardest. To any student in high school today, however, I emplore him/her to be the best he/she can be and to get as ahead as he/she can.


I would tell myself this is your opportunity to shine, apply yourself work hard to build a strong foundation that will carry you through your life. What you do in this moment determine what your life will be in the future. I would say believe in yourself, your dreams are attainable , have the courage to dream big and bilieve that whatever your dreams are they are attainable with hard work and discipline. This is your time to discover who you really are and know it is okay to make mistakes, to learn from your mistakes and use your failures as stepping stones to success. Whaever you put in this life is exactly what you receives.


If I could talk to my high school self I would tell her to take AP classes and join a lot of clubs. I would also tell her to have a better relationship with all your teachers. I would tell her that she needs to study a lot for the SAT and taking tutoring classes for it and start early so that you can raise your score early. I would also tell her that she needs to apply early for college so that her chances of getting into the school she wants are high. Also, just have fun in high school because it goes by very fast. If she works hard then it will all pay off in the end.


If I could look my high school self right in the eyes and explain what college would be like, my high school body probably would faint from being overwhelmed. My reactions to life events were so different when I was in high school as compared to now. I overreacted about such silly things and thought that everyday was a party. The funny thing is that when I was in high school I imagined college to be so different. As a freshman in college talking to my high school self I would say, don’t be overwhelmed on the first day, professors are just trying to scare you. Papers will become your friend not the enemy, studying is so worth it in the end, and strive to be on the deans list. Trust me nobody likes a dummy when in your college. Another thing is you have to pay for everything unlike in high school, a little scantron that used to be handed to you with no worries, is now something you praise and don’t let out of your sight. It’s the little things in life that matter now unlike in high school when everything was handed to you.


Now that I have graduated high school and that I'm in college I wish I would have done some things differently in high school because I didnt care and in my mind I couldnt fail anything, well I was the best in eveything. Now that I'm in college I know studing and taking notes are very important, I can't just brush it off. In college you have to worry about losing your financial aid, scholarships and your GPA dropping. So I would go back and tell myself, "even though you dont want to study, take notes; do it anyways, hard work pays off, think of your future". In high school I chose all the wrong friends; people who didnt mean me no good. I would have to told myself, "friends are friends to a certain extent, friends are friends when they want to see you succeed not fail, friends are chosen by your mind but your future comes from the heart". In college I have to have my own mind and think for myself. Things are not going to be handed to you, you have to work for what you want and were you want to be.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would tell my self to stay focused on school and my 4-H and FFA projects. Knowing what I know now I wish I focused more on my grades and school work. I spent some much time in high school worrying about the unimportant things. I see know how that has affected my life, my chances of getting in schools, and getting scholarships I want to go back and work harder to keep my grades up. Although I loved my aniamls for 4-H and FFA, when I was in highschool I only focused on the fun parts of the projects. I liked to work with my animals but I didnt spend so mcuh time on the paper work and record keeping that was involved. that has made it hard to get scholarships from both those associations. I would go back and tell my self to just spend thirt minutes a week working on my record books and paper work, so I could apply for the scholarships 4-H and FFA offer.


I would sit myself down and calmly explain that I must take the SAT and score well on all tests possible so that I can appear "smart" and achieve the meaningless requirments set by our culture to gain entrance in a university.


Going back to my high school days, I would tell myself to look for as many high school scholarships that i can qualify for and save. Also, i would begin studing all the courses that i planned on taking in college online. In all, i wished that i had enrolled in a highs chool that catered to medical fields so that i would have a better understanding and have more experience in medicine so that i would be better prepared for the courses required to take in the programs at the college of my choice. The medical field needs doctors, nurses and staff members that are familiar with all aspects of medicine, the more experience they have, the better care they can offer to the world.


Enjoy yourself. The majority of people i have met make college out to be the worst. Long lectures, difficult projects, teachers with standards set too high for their students. In reality, college is just a challenge. Apply yourself but enjoy the experience. There will be many challenges don the road of ahead, but you've made it this far. We learned to crawl, walk, run, talk, and even strive for excellence. Now, we have an opportunity to learn things that can not only benefit our fellow man but also secure our basic necessities. When life gets tough, we push it back. When classes get rough, we study smarter. There are no dumb questions in life, only wasted ones. Those that are wasted sound like " What if ?" Don't live your life wishing you could do better, just go out into the world and do it.


I would tell myself to calm down and not panic about not knowing which college or major to choose. I was so panicked about college senior year that I kind of shut down, and decided that I'm going to just go to community college until I sort it out more. Now, I wish that I would've took the time to go check out various colleges, because now that I did this, I love all the other colleges and hate mine. Also most importantly, I would stress to tell myself to forget the boyfriend you love and pick to go away to college instead, because no high school boyfriend is worth your freshman year of college. I missed out on the epic "going away to college" experience that you see in movies or hear about from friends, for an unmotivated, deceitful, and ultimately unfaithful boy that I was at the time in love with. Though my uncertainty and fear of the future made me stay at home, I cannot deny the boyfriend had alot to do with the decision too. In short, don't be afraid of the unknown, see this as a chance for fun and exploration!


The problems and issues in life are not what give you experience, but the actions you take to resolve them will. Now that you have been accepted to the school of your choice, you have to be mature enough to realize that everyone needs help every now and then. You will be far away from home and for the first time in your life, you will be on your own. If you’re feeling depressed, even when amongst friends, you should seek help at the counseling service offered free of charge to students by the university. When you begin having problems with any subject, approach your professor, find out if there are any study groups, look for a study partner or tutor; there is help available! Out of state tuition is expensive for someone who is not financially independent, so research ways to help pay for it. When you get scholarships, make sure you know if there’s any criterion you must adhere to, in order to keep the funds coming in. With so many resources available to you, there’s no reason why you can’t succeed, so don’t be afraid to ask for help!




I believe I have learned responsibility, and independence from attending college. In high school the teachers try and explain the reasons to attend college, but you must want to succeed, and apply yourself in order to move forward. Many of us that pay out of pocket to afford school appreciate the experience, and do not take it for granted. I feel a sence of independence knowing that I am putting myself through college, even though I once thought it was impossible. My success in school has inspired me to try my best in every class. Even if a course is not your major you should attempt to learn the material, because knowledge is empowerng. You can succeed in any subject as long as you put time and effort to your work. I struggled through some of the tough courses but found the resources my school provided and remained optomistic resulting in an amazing grade, and gain of useful information. So overall i learned to use my full potential, and always remain optomistic.


I am currently in my secoind semester of college. I love Gainesville State college and am excited for my future. I love the people and classes at my college. I have gotten a lot of friendships, knowledge, and life skills out of college so far. although my colege does not have my major, I am proud to be going there while i get my core curriculm done before transeferring. I am currently learning more about time management and the cost of living. It is valuable for me to attend my ollege because i recieve a very good education for a low tuition cost. In the long run all my money for college will pay off because i will have a better career and recieve a better salary.


I have gotten three words, and that is to NEVER GIVE UP. I have grown so much since high school that my mom tell me everyday that she is so proud of me and how i am turning into such a beautiful young woman. College has open up another chapter in my life to strive beyond the stars and moon. Recieving an A.A. degree means that it just doesnt stop here. It will open my peripherial vision to want to further that degree in either a bachelor or master or even ph.d. College has been so valuable to attend because that will be the ground foundation of your life. Starting a family with a college degree would definetly help your household not to struggle and to be successful in life.


In today's world, without an education it is very difficult to get ahead. I value each and every class that I attend, as there is much information to learn on a daily basis. In the field that I have selected, which is medical, the learning never ceases. I believe that I shall be a student for life. I realize how important college is.


im still experiencing college, but so far its thought me that i can not play with my life because im only getting older and its time that i make something of myself.


I would have definately started looking for scholarships as early as possible. There is many opportunities to recieve free money like campusdiscovery has offered. I would have also made sure to apply for colleges as early as possible. Make sure you apply for federal financial aid as well as soon as possible. Put the future as a priority.


If I could go back in time to have a conversation with myself as a senior, I would have told myself to make sure that I put school first and make friends so that I would have someone to count on in times of need. The most difficult transition that I had was not having enough support from friends and family. College is a very stressful time and having friends to help one through those difficult times is a plus.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would make it clear the it is important by my senior year to already know what major to choose. Once someone starts in college all the classes of their schedules will depend on what they major in. So it is very important to take my senior year as a year to do community hours in places where I find an interest on. Joining clubs and taking college credited classes while in high school is a plus in college. Applying for scholarships on my senior year it is very important too because classes, books for classes and calculators are very expensive. College life it is something to be prepared for because it is very expensive and my grades and club activities will be looked at. Once I graduate from high school and start attending college, I will no longer be looked as a teenager but as an adult. Responsibility will be needed from me and all teachers would not be concern of my grades or any missing assignments. College is for responsible adults and it is time to start behaving as one.


We all know college is an exciting, scary and wonderful time in our lives. As highschool seniors, we think we know everything. All those stories about college, we just shake our heads, laugh and say "Thats not going to happen to me. I'm different". Well, while that may be true, I can honestly say that all those stories- they are real and they are true. Granted, it's unavoidable; we are going to make mistakes. It will be the same mistakes that the millions of people who survived college made before us. If instead of going to college with a "know it all" attitude (and falling flat on our faces) we went in with the mindset that we do not know everything there is to know about life and we allowed others to give us much needed advice and help, the experience would have been a lot better. Admitting that we need help is a lot harder than we think, but it can make life a lot easier when we do. Let others help you. Make informed decisions; don't rush into things. Any problems you face in college can be solved with the help of sound advice.


High School was my teenage playground. I was a sterotypical jock and my world revolved around baseball. My life plan was based on playing baseball in college. For many, collegiate baseball is an unattainable goal, but I was fortunate to have been blessed with the skills needed to excel in Division I baseball. During my senior year season, I injured my shoulder. After surgery, I was informed my baseball days were over. My should would never regain full strength or stamina and I would no longer be able to compete at a Division I level. If I had known I wasn't going to be playing baseball in college, I believe I would have focused more on my education rather than the baseball diamond. However, during my time at PBCC I have been able to redirect my life and focus on continuing my education and following a path towards a successful career.


If I had the ability to go back in time to tell myself as a high school senior some advice about college life, it would be to: study hard and learn good studying techniques, and take the ACT and SAT as many times to obtain the needed score that way I won't have to take prep classes. I would also say save as much money as I can because books and classes are expensive, learn how to handle stress with complicating factors, don't let the pressure build; just take a deep breath and think. In the end, just believe that you can do it and you will succeed in reaching your goals. Don't give up and stay strong!


I would have taken my AP environmental science class more seriously. I would have used it as a time to improve my study habits which now I can see I'm lacking. I also would've tried harder in the sports I did because then I might've got a scholarship.


College is a new experince where many students fall into regrets or satisfaction. Everyone had that experience where they wished they could go back into time and told their formal self to change their ways into something better with less regrets. If I could go back to my senior year, I would tell myself to be less inert in my studies and to put more time into it. I would also tell myself to become more organize by making a schedule. If I was less inert in my studies, I would have been more motivated at the beginning of freshman year in college. From what I learned from college after my first year was that the real world is tough and would bite you like a shark. I would have taken less damage if I was prepared. If my senior self were to have been more organized, I would have had more time to myself. A schedule helped me become more aware of how time is important. After my freshman year, I was able to open my eyes and see the real world. So if I ever have the chance to go back in time I would change those habits.


Focus, and do work. Give it one hundred percent, or nothing at all.


I never had to try very hard in high school so when I got to college I figured it would be the same way. So I slacked off during my first year and had a hard time going back after that. I would share the experiences and knowledge I have now with my younger self, letting me know that college is an expansion of the life I knew but with that it also takes la lot of hard work. Nothing is impossible, until you stop trying.


Stay true to who you are because people are always going to try and change you but don't give in and follow what your heart tells you.


If I could talk to myself as a senior in high school; my advice would be to take classes that are exciting and interesting to you. Classes that are just like high school classes that you just took are monotonous and boring. When you get to college you should take classes that present new and exciting challenges. Looking back there were classes that now I wish I had taken, especially electives. There are so many choices that are available to college students that many people overlook. If you are not adventuresome in the choices you make as far as classes go, you will not be excited about the class, and you will not devote your full attention to every class. Being completely dedicated to every class that you take in college is crucial. If you are not ready to give your full effort in every single class you take, your grades will suffer. If you just choose classes that you will enjoy there is no chance that you will not give your maximum effort.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to start small, then transistion big. Go to a community college, get my degree, then transfer to a university as bigger is not better. Also, discipline is required and procrastination is not allowed. Don't get caught up in the hype of college and having a good time as it is not all fun and games. You must work hard before you can play hard.


The first thing I would tell myself is to make sure to study hard when it comes to exams because they are very important due to the fact that college level courses seem to involve less assignments. I would also tell myself to make sure a class is right for me before taking it. For example, I took calculus 1 my first semester of college and it was so difficult I had to withdraw from the class or make a failing grade in the class. I would tell myself about scholarships as well as to secure my education farther in advance than I have now. This would allow me to worry less about finances and more about my classes.


I would tell myself to stay away from the in crowd, or the so called cool kids in school. This only set me back many years, I wish stuck with the nerds or the book worms. At this point in my life I would be working on my Masters degree or PhD, and I would also be able to provide a better life for my wife and 3 boys, yes I married my high school sweet heart. I don?t have many regrets in life, but doing better in school, when it counts, which was in high school, is my number one regret. So, if the person reading this statement has a Time Machine, please pass the message along to my younger self.


Assume I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior. Knowing my current objectives about college life and making the transition, my advice to myself would be to get involve in different programs, search for skills and basic knowledge required for a college student. There are lots of opportunities ahead, so make some research to know a little more about what you want in life. Just to be more confident that this is exactly what you will do with your life. Also, applied for more scholarships and keep up the good grades.


I would tell my younger self to take a deep breath and relax. Its not as scary and intense as your high school teachers and counselers lead on. Sure its a lot more work then your used to, but the professers and administration are there to help and you have so many resources to to take advantage of. Just work hard and take the whole experience of college life in. You'll come out not only with your degree, but the morals, skills, and knowledge you need to succeed throughout your entire life.


The advice I would give myself would have to be... Suanne wake up!!! The only person in this life you can depend on is yourself. You always put others before you put yourself, and the people that you have chosen to help are NOT your friends nor will they be there in you future! They are people that are jealous of you success; and they are trying to pull you down because misery loves company. That has left you having to drop out of school, which has put your plans of becoming a Veterinary Doctor on hold. You have to focus on you and what it is going to take to keep you in school, and focused on your goals. You had a child your sophmore year and you can not change that, you have to be the example she needs to want to strive to be somebody great; she wants to follow in your footsteps to become a Veterinarian just like you. In other words, you need to be a good role model for her and stick to following your dreams, and let nothing stand in your way in achieving everything that you aspire to be in your life.