Palm Beach State College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


the library


The best thing I consider about my school are the professors. I have had really good professors that knows how to teach. they are very caring and are willing to help. the main factor for me is, that they really know their materials, and is able to explain it clearly.


In my opinion, the best thing about Palm Beach State College is the class sizes. With class sizes normally being within 20 to 40 students per class, students are allowed many benefits that are not available in larger classes. In these smaller classes students have a chance to communicate more personally with their professors. Students can also ask questions in class when they do not understand. These class sizes allow for a better relationship between the students and professors which is usually very helpful to students.


The best thing about this school is that, they actually help you achevie my golds and offer extra help if i need it.


While I have not yet been on campus at PBSC I love the idea of FAU link program, the program will allow me to save on tuition while I work on gaining residency for tuition purposes.


It gives great education for a good tuition


I went to Palm Beach State College to save money and because I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life yet. The school qualities that I enjoyed were how much they appreciated the students there that did well. If you did well in school, you were rewarded with some kind of financial assistance. Even after I graduated the college, I received a $500 scholarship from them for maintaining a 4.0 through my 3 semesters there. I feel as if my hard work was appreciated.


I love the fact that my school is like a little family. Everyone knows your name and if they dont they take the initiative to find out your name. My teachers know exactly who i am and we have direct contact where they have one on one time with you to answer any questions you may have.


Class sizes are usually decent. For example if you come to class late you can sit in the front, back or in the middle because there would always be enough seats left.


The best thing about Palm Beach Community College is the diverse population in the college. In the hallways, people can distinguish the different kinds of race. Palm Beach Community College is best described as the melting pot because of all the different cultures in the college. In special occasions, the college would hold events on different culture and it is an amazing site for students. Students are able to see how some cultures are culturally diverse. In consideration. the best thing in Palm Beach Community College is when students experience the melting pot once they set foot in the campus.


I feel the best thing about my school is the fact that we have three different campuses that offer a multitude of opportunities to attain the classes needed. Off campus night classes are held at the local high school to assist working students achieve their educational goals.


The best thing about my school is the teachers. All of my teachers have been passionate about what they taught. Their attitudes and and excitement make me more eager to learn.


What I would considor the best thing to be about my college is that wherever you need to find information or some sort of helping hand, it's always going to be there. It could be in the form of a professor telling you how to finish an assignment in correct manner or even a fellow student who could help you find your class building. Nothing gets thrown out or even taken for gratitude at Palm Beach Community College, because where we study, we are a family.


The best thing about my school is the social interaction. This school has a lot of diversity which allows you to interact with different kinds of people. There is a lot of positive experiences in this school.


The best thing about my school I think would be my teachers. They are so caring, and always want to make sure you undertsand what they are teaching. My english teacher will go over something at anytime if you dont understand. It makes you feel like they really do care about there students not just there for their pay checks.


My school is a multi-culturals. We are a mix school of most nations in the state of FL. We have Haitiens, Columbians, Brazilians, Japanesse, Canadians, Kenya, Puerto-Ricans etc...Can you imagine how crazy it gets when you want to chart with someone or even ask for $2. Class always fun because of different accents, some of those immigrants have big heart to make something great in USA. Last semester I took a Spanish class it was mind blowing experience. We have the best drama clubs in the state our basket ball mens always in the losing mode. Colorful