Palomar College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Palomar College is a good school with low fees and high educational values.


A diverse and fun campus to learn, with many great opportunities for success.


Palomar College is best known for it?s programs of visual and performing arts, nursing and Regional Police and Fire Academies offered to the students and residents in the region. Programs offered have been widely sought by students that want to learn, excel and flourish in the fields of study. The police and fire academies routinely have students already hired by local cities to attend and continue employment by those city departments as police offices and firefighters. Not only is Palomar College known for it?s academics it has champion winning athletic programs where athletes continue onto four-year colleges.


The school is very populated, with a few good college professors, and lots of random students who have not much direction in life.