Palomar College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Helping individuals better their lives through education whether it be a continued education straight out of high school, or getting back on track from an educational break.


My college is best known for the community that the students give off to one another, since i have been at this college it has been going through a huge renovation. I will not be here to stare and see the amazing campus it will be, but there was always something going on at noon that made we want to hang around and see. music, dance, and food. exhibits and displays.


Palomar college is best known for its amazing transfer program, which enables students there to transfer to UC or CSU campuses and for it's many locations throughout San Diego county.


Our school is known for it's athletics and media programs. Our athletic teams, mainly in football, are ranked nationally and always preform well against powerhouses around the nation. Our school is also known for having many athletes transfer out of Palomar and go on to four-year schools and go pro. As for our media programs, the outlets are great to prepare students for the real world in media. These programs have won many student Emmy awards and well as numerous film awards.