Palomar College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That the school has great professors who are very reliable. Another thing is how the school has connections with other universities, so we constantly have admission counselors from other universtities visiting and giving us tips for a secure transfer.


I love how simple it is and how straight forward they are about it being a stepping stone for a 4 year college.


I do not brag. I do share that my school has an underrated reputation. Although many people prefer to illuminate the faults of the school, I choose to dwell on its positive aspects. Namely, the quality of educators. All of my professors are well educated, some more than others and most are truly dedicated to their profession. Many professors with whom I have taken classes have been Ph.D holders, most have a Masters degree and all do their best to make their topic of instruction accessible and engaging for their students. They are the hallmark of Palomar College.


I really like the fact that everyone is really laid back and friendly, and all of the teachers are very helpful. I also like the fact that it is in a good area and it is one of the better community colleges.


i brag mostly about the cost of the school per unit and how the campus has so many programs that help with tutoring and couseling. I have had the same couselor for three years and i was amazed at how much informationhe helped me with when i was first starting out.


I would most lkely brag about a few of my favorite Palomar College professors that I feel have had an impact on my academic and career goals. So far in my college career I have encountered a handful of professors that have truly helped me to discover the academic path that I am now on. These professors have helped me to become interested in topics that I never thought would appeal to me.


When i tell others about the environment at school, I first talk about the atmosphere. Palomar is very laid-back, and it's a very small city, so there aren't too many people walking around. The school is very clean, and loooks secluded, almost like a forest. Lastly, I tell others that the people are very amiable. Positivity is felt throughout school.