Palomar College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I consider the worst thing about the school is the library hours. Reason being, it opens at 8:00am and most students who take morning classes, have classes around that time. The library should be open an hour our two earlier so students can get work done that they need finished before class.


There are a lot of people who aren't serious about their education. They waste the teachers time and drag down our learning experience.


The worst thing about my school is the available classes. Palomar College has great professors, but recently the number of classes have been lowered due to budget cuts.


the worst thing about the school i attend would have to be overcrowed classrooms since its hard to get one on one attention from the teacher to help with any questions i might have and the difficulties of having not enough space in the class for everyone to see whats going on sometimes that and not enough room to put my stuff like my backpack and supplies or enough chairs for all of us.


The worst thing about Palomar College I'll have to say are the counselors/administration. The reason why is because sometimes they are in a moody mood that they don't give you the precise answers to your questions. That is why I'll suggest to be prepared to ask different variety and in details questions. I mean yes I understand they try to do the "best" to answer them but sometimes the info given by them it is not necessary or value to us.


One of the toughest aspects of community college is the lack of social support. Despite the several clubs and organizations that are a part of the school, it is extremely challenging to find a new group of friends that will stick with you throughout the years. Not only are community college students constantly transferring out, but many are much older, and do not care for the social aspect of college life. As such, I have found it difficult to maintain close friendships with other students; quite unlike the strong bonds that I have seen between university students.


The worst thing about my school is the budget. Palomar College had to cut many programs and classes because they did not have sufficient funding. The California state budget crisis has made attending school very difficult for me. Palomar does the best it can providing quality and affordable classes, however the lack of state funding makes it difficult to provide for everyone.


Some of the college professors who work there are not very good and some miss classes alot. This is not good because some students are taught subjects the wrong way or do not get a good enough education from these professors.


I had my doubts about going to a community college, even with the hopes of transfering; however, I was gladly surprised at how nice the campus and atmosphere is. The banes of my high school experience vanished. I would say the worst thing about my college is it's desperate need of money. I feel for both my peers and the administration. They even charge us for plastic eating utensils. 10 cents for a spoon, should that even be necessary?