Palomar College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A majority of high school seniors don't know what they plan to do after they graduate. Palomar College is a two-year school that acts as a stepping stone for those who are looking to discover themselves. It is a great learning environment for those who are still figuring out who they are and what they want to become. Palomar College allows it's students to grow without the costliness that accompanies attending a four-year university. If you are an individual looking to learn not only course material, but also about yourself, then Palomar College is for you.


If you are looking for professors who care and are trying to fugure out what you want to do Palomar is a great place. They have a lot of services to help you find your acedemic and career plans.


Someone who wants to go to college but can't afford to pay for a university right out of high school. Or for someone who does not know what they want to study and need guidance to discover that.


This is a great school for anyone looking for a two year degree or to get general education out of the way for a 4 year college. They have deals will most California schools with transfer credits and direct ties with CSUSM for STEM programs.


I think because there is such an acceptance for people who don't fit the status quo of what a college student should be at Palomar college, people with dissabilities who have a real willingness to succeed are good canditates to attend Palomar College. As well the price of attendance is much cheaper at Palomar than at a four year university. Even if you are plannig to go to a four year university, Palomar College offers a lot of classe that could be tooken at a four year university for cheaper before a student would transfer to a university


Honestly, anyone could attend Palomar College. Anyone who is willing to learn more in their field of work , anyone who needs or wants a better major/education so they could be succesfull in life. Mostly the students here are returning students, some get their AA degree and transfer to a 4-year school. So yes anyone could attend this school, ovbously you have to be willing to learn, to be educated, and be ready to work hard and achieve your goals.


Those who wish to pursue an education at a two year college must be determined, independant and have good study habits. Those who attend must be able to keep up with their classes and homework while still living at home. They have to understand how to manage their class schedule so that they meet all thr requirement for their eventual transfer. It is not a very social experience, so students must also be outgoing if they wish to meet good friends and study partners.


While Palomar College is a community college, open to anybody, the kind of person that should attend is a student that not only wants to learn undergraduate studies but take in a more focused course of study sought by employers. Palomar College offers more than just academics and gives the student opportunities to learn through athletics, community involvement, and practical hands-on internships. Students wanting to be involved in cultural awareness, community activism, or student government are constantly sought and continually transform Palomar College into a true higher-learning college. Those are the students that benefit from attending Palomar College.


Anyone who is looking to attend a community college before transferring to a university should consider attending Palomar College. Also, students seeking vocational training or an associates degree would benefit from the services and courses offered at Palomar. I have found that not only is this a great school to meet transfer and degree requirements, but it is also a great place to explore careers and majors in an effort to find an academic direction.


A person wishing to get an good overall junior college experience. Someone who is consciencous about their future and the amount of money it will take them to finish schooling.