Park University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A historical school in the heart of Parkville, Missouri. It has a long standing history of excellent education and an open door to hundreds of exchange students. It's voted one of the best educations for the price in the country.


Makes you truly feel like you are part of the college community.


Most of the teachers have had first hand experience in the field that they are teaching which is extremely helpful becuase they are able to provide first hand experience answers to questions and are also able to teach students what they actually need to know and would be able to apply in their own working years.


Park University is a small, diverse, supportive community who stives for providing students with a multi-faceted college experience including an academic environment that will prepare you for the real world.


A school that has helped me reach my ultimate goals in life.


Park University is very diverse and full of international students in a great learning environment.


Beutiful campus, full of diverse people, and striving for the future to be better.




My school is academically, socially and a fun place to be for 4 years.


Park University is a diverse school that not only brings together international students, but all the cultures and traditions of the students as well.