Park University Top Questions

Describe the students at Park University.


I attended mostly online courses, so my classmates were generally mature, working adults who very interested in their education.


Most are very friendly and fun to be around. I would like to know some better but it seems like a lot of people are we are friends in class kind of people. Which is fine.


Diverse yet connected ethnically, culturally, academically, and compasionatley.


My class mates were from all walk of life. Some wore the uniform as I did some were civillians. The goals that we all shared in common were to accept Park University as a place of learning and growth. My classmates were fun to be around, and I still keep in touch with many of until this very day. Park Univerity is a great place to network, to grow as a person, and make lasting relationships. I smile just thinking about the fun we (my classmates and I) had learning together .


Took only online courses, but the other students I interacted with were very helpful and encouraging.


I usually have the same classmates in all of my classes because of my major, which I love. All of my classes have my friends in them, and the classes are always comfortable in discussions.


My classmates are eager to learn, energetic, and fun to be around.


My classmates are extremely helpful and have little problems interacting with our teachers.


Commuters who live off campus.


My classmates are friendly, outgoing, intelligent and are always concerned about my problems and progess.