Park University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Park University is best known for its accessibility to military members as it has campuses nationwide at military bases.


My school was rated the #1 Private School in the country. Therefore, it's known for it's programs, professors, and mainly it's business majors.


My school is best known for their cooperation with military personnel. By creating distant learning facilities, they have increased their student body count drastically.


The school is well know as being a Military Friendly University with campus virtually anywhere for adults returning to school to obtained their college degree.It originally started as a work study school and has evolved into a great academic institution for individuals in the Kansas City area or online.


Park University is best known for the small campus and classes that are very accomodating to the students. It is also known for being located in a small town called Parkville, which is just about 10 minutes from downtown Kansas City.


We are best known for our cultural diversity and crazy commercials


We are very well known for our athletics, and school spirit.


Soccer and men's volleyball