Park University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tell my friends about the small class sizes and one on one attention student receive from professors. I also mention the numerous programs design to help student succeed such as the Academic Support Center. Students are able to receive tutoring from professional tutor free of charge. The Academic Support Center also provides services for students with learning disabilities. The center has in place the Step-Up Program which provides individual mentorship and regular attendance increase the chance of successfully graduating from the program. I inform my friends Park University is designed to help students succeed in their future careers


II would have to say that I actually Brag about the Professors that the school recruits to teach the online curriculum. These Professors backgrounds are from institutions such as Dartmouth and Harvard. I enjoy getting a quality education at a fraction of the cost. Who doesn?t want to be taught by the best when obtain their college education.


I brag mostly about the programs. Because I am an online student I noticed many schools either do not offer courses when you want to take them or they don't offer your field of study at all. I brag to my friends who are at those schools to check my school out because no matter what term you take your classes, the classes you want are always available.


All of the professors are approachable. They are friendly and helpful beyond what they need to be. I feel as if some are them are friends. I know that I can come to any of them for advice or help. They are honest and have integrity. They are the reason that it is such a wonderful school.


The best thing about this school is the small classes and the caves where some of the classes are.


I would brag that our school has an amzing campus, the professors are always willing to help no matter what time it is. The school provides amazing resources for when you graduate to recieve a job. The school has many cultures and background which allow you to learn about others people's cultures which can be beneficial in the long run