Park University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students who are not afraid of a challenge should attend Park University. I have seen the curriculum and assignments for other online colleges and Park University is probably one of the more difficult (but stimulating) schools I have seen. Because it is so challenging, students will feel very good about themselves when an A is achieved in class. It's a lot of work and a lot of time is sacrificed, but it's definitely worth it to complete a degree though Park University. The feeling of satisfaction and achievement will be overwhelming.


This school has everything that you need, online classes, classes on the campus, military friendly, and even fast track classes. I think that this is the school for everyone.


Anyone who does not want to get lost in the mix should attend Park University. Those people who are career oriented and motivated should attend Park. The professors care about students doing well and challenge them to open their minds to new ideas.


The school campus that I attend thats apart of Park University is located on Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. So people that should and that will be attending this school are active and retired military and their dependents, which are their spouses and children.


This school is great for all types of people. The flexibility this school allows is handy when you are a busy person. This school provides out of state facilities located on various military bases for those who wish to attend this university but do not live in Missouri. This allows for many military personnel to attain their degree while serving our country. For those using a distant facility, it is great for all ages due to the flexibility. However, if I had to guess, the main facility is more ideal to young adults wishing to experience a typical college experience.


A student that is wanting to move on to with their education and strive to better their learning. One that wants o work hard for teir future goals.


Someone who is willing to work hard and dedicated themselves to their education


Someone who likes small class sizes and professors that really care. Someone who isnt looking for a party school or a football school but a soccer and volleyball school. Someone who is looking for a very ehtnically diverse campus.


Anyone who wants to learn about other parts of the world. this school has a very large amount of international students.


Pretty much any person should attend. It has a wide variety of international students and every is respective of where everyone is from.


Anyone Park Univeristy is very diverse and seems to accept anyone