Parkland College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Parkland College is open to nearly anyone who applies. It has such a diverse student body (smart and not so smart, beautiful and not so beautiful, confident and not so confident, etc). Anyone who needs help with their self-image should come to Parkland. "Different" is allowed!


The classes in Parkland are small sized, compared to large universities. Therefore, the students who seek for academical improvement with closely related care of teachers would benefit enormously due to this environment. There also are a lot of chances to speak up, due to the size of the classes. Also, I really loved Parkland's system of tutoring students for free; students who are outstanding at certain fields of studies are qualified to work at Parkland to tutor those who are having trouble in those fields, and it's really helping me out. The writing labs are also helpful.


Anyone who knows what they want to do, but isn't completely sure if it is best for them should attend Parkland College. It is less expensive to take classes for a given major at Parkland and switch majors than it would be to go to a 4 year university and switch majors. Parkland is also a good choice for those graduating high school because it eases the transition into the college/university student lifestyle.