Pasco-Hernando State College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I am in my first semester at PHSC, and I believe our school is best known for the interesting events we offer here. Just this past week we had "peace week" and they had a drum circle, henna tattoos, sand art, motivational speakers, etc. It was interesting. We also offer yoga, and I also went to a salsa dancing class the other day as well. We have taco tuesday and so much more. Our school is definitely most known for the interesting and fun events we offer throughout the year.


Small, simple easy classes.


I'm not sure its my first year of college


I believe that the campus at New Port Richey is known for being a great place to recieve an education. The main campus, where I go, is one out of the four campuses at PHCC. My school is a place where students can get personal attention and receive a great learning experience. The enviroment is great and I do not feel overwhelemed by the other fellow students. PHCC has many differents programs starting from nursing to business. The school is the great for helping individuals on their future paths.


Pasco Hernando Community College is best know for it's status as a great employer and educational facility. PHCC is the only accredited college in Pasco and Hernando County. The college meets the needs of the community with a positive impact.


Pasco-Hernando Community College is well known for their low-cost high-quality education. The classes are small and the teachers can have a closer profession relationship with their students. the college provides a large amount of resources for students to succeed. Also my school has four campuses in two counties, so It makes it more convienent for more students to attend. The facualty and staff are good at offering help and answering questions, and are easily reached either by phone, email, or in person.