Pasco-Hernando State College Top Questions

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It's much more, Period!


The pond that is there that you can fish on. The smoking areas are gazebos so when its raining you are under a covered area. Financial aid office is open later. No long hold times when calling about an issue. Staff is alkways friendly. Easy layout of school to learn. The activities they hold for students including the ones they have for children. On site daycare.


small class sizes


So far every teacher I have had at Pasco Hernando Community College have all been better then my teachers in high school. My school has great teachers which is what makes it unique from other schools.


smaller classes so you can spend more one on one with the teacher. and the teacher knows who you are and really cares about you.


I think the most unique thing about my school is the relationship the students and teachers have with each other. I have checked out other schools also but PHCC made me feel the most comfortable.


This school is very student focused. The professors are all interested in each students success and want to help everyone achieve their goals.


My county has only one community college, so I had no other choice before heading to a univeristy.


My school is unique in many ways, for one thing there are a difference in class size, the class sizes are smaller so the students are able to get more attention that they need to suceed. It also allows for the instructor and the students to interact more. There is availble tutors 24hrs, seven days a week so if your struggling you can always get the help you need. It has a friendly and almost family atmosphere to it which you usually don't see on a big or corporate college. It is a comfortable and and exciting school .