Pasco-Hernando State College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


they have many different campuses in many different locations. and they are cheaper than a university/ state/ private school.


When I talk to mine friends, I always brag about how cheap mine school is. It is about $93 per course credit, and its about 1200 dollars for one term, it usually takes about 5 terms to finish our AA. Even the books aren't as expensive as other schools, if you really dig in on the websites, you can find a really cheap textbook (usually about half of a new text book where you can buy from the school book store). So if you compare mine school and other schools, it is way cheaper.


I brag about my teachers and the personal attention that I receive when I am talking to my friends about school. I believe at Pasco-Hernando Community College that the teachers are personable and that they sincerely care about each and every student. The classses are just the right size to make one feel comfortable in the college setting without being overwhelemed with the impersonable relationships. Unlike some of my friends who go to USF, I believe that I am getting the best of a college experience that one can get.


I like the location. It is close to my home and I don't have to travel far and spend gas money that I don't have to get an education that I value. I like the fact that the college I attend offers the courses I need at a variety of times and days so that I can have a flexible schedule.


I brag about the ability to work full time and still attend classes, because my school has night courses I am able to attend!


I dont often brag about school, but when I do brag about it, I would say that I brag most about my skills in English and Humanities. I love learning about the history of art, along with learning new and interesting things about different cultures. I only brag about these subjects because im naturally good at these subjects. I think that im good at it becuase it all just really interests me. So if i had to choose i would brag most about English and Humanities.


Usually I would brag to my friends about how beautiful and welcoming my school's campus is.


When i tell my friends about my school i tell them that it is like going to school in the middle of the woods. The campus is so peaceful and tranquil. It is an easy place to feel comfortable. Their are many diffrent buildings so it isn't really that crowded. The campus also has a stocked library, and you can borrow textbooks there if you need them. The staff and Professors are all nice and really want you to do well so they will help you with whatever you need.


I brag to my friends about the cost, size and flexible schedules.


The professors are all concerned with your education and helping each student learn. This school is smaller and can give more individual attention to any and every student that wants it.


The schedule is extremely flexible that you can pick and choose what days you can go so long as you do it ahead of time. It's a cheaper alternative than a university and has some great teachers, which can be checked at . There are different campuses so you can chose something close to you. All the campuses have a beautiful nature-like setting around them and of course you'll meet all sorts of people and make friends. The staff is always helpful and I would recommend this place for any high school student.


I would tell them that the staff is great and they work well with students. The campus looks great and has everything a 4 year college would have.