Pasco-Hernando State College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Professors teaching styles range dramatically and sometimes they change mid-semester.


The worst thing about my school is that there are a couple of really terrible professors. If you wind up in their classes, it is highly discouraging.


I wish the nursing program was offered at each campus.


I don't have any complaints about this school.


Not every student is eligible for financial aid.


The worst thinig about the school I attend is the lack of tutors and not being 1 on 1 with the teahcers. Its hard to pass this college without any help. Im constantly looking for help and yes I may have great grades but I have a goal and it's to go off to a university with great grades so I can continue to play football as i further my education.


many teachers


The worst thing about mine school is that it is way too far from where I live, it is about forty minutes away from, it usually takes me about half an hour to drive to school. So in one day, it will take somewhere around one whole hour or so just to get to mine school and come back home. It waste time and gas. Especiall now days, the gas prices are going up everyday, most of mine friends are complain about the miles they put on to there vehicles. So this is the worst thing about mine school.


There isn't a big selection of internet courses . Some people have a hard time going to class, especially parents of young children like myself. I have to make sure that I have someone to watch my children while I attend a class at school. Whereas, if there was more of a selection online, I could do my work in the comfort of my home at my own time and not have to leave my children with a caregiver. I think this is a big deal for single parents who also have to work to provide for their children.


The one thing that jumps out to me when i think of a down side, or a bad thing about my school, is the teacher to student relationships. I sometimes find myself nervous to ask something, or even feel as if when asking a question I should already know it. There is only one teacher that i have had since i started college that i felt i could go to with any problem, and never feel akward about asking for help.


The worst thing about my school is that they do not have more teachers for the harder subjects. If you have one subject left and only one teacher in the school teaches that subject you have no choice but to take their class. It would also be nice if they offered a broader selection of classes.


I am going to say the Financial Aid office and probably the counselors. The Financial Aid office is always packed and seemingly unprepared, there are never enough people working to get the "lines" moving. Students have to wait there for sometimes hours just to ask one question.


Cold rooms, and lack of parking




the bookstore. and I wish the library was bigger


My only complaint would be the fact that the campus's are in different county's.


So of the Professors do not use the schools website to communicate with students. This is a good tool that the school has to it is bad that they do not choose to use it.