Pasco-Hernando State College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Enroll in dual attendance ASAP.


Dear High School Self, As an older and wiser version of yourself, I would like to give you some much needed insight to help you on the road ahead. First and foremost, your focus is really lacking as is your effective prioritizing! Your social life, pleasure and self absorption are currently on the top of your priority list and does you a complete disservice. You should enjoy your senior year and embrace your interest for social activities but focus on identifying your life's passion and begin pursuing it by effectively goal setting and diligently seeking those areas. Listen to those who have been put in your life to guide you with their wisdom. Do not reject the imparting of the wise, as this is truely a blessing that will help you steer clear of the plethora of road blocks your path is littered with ahead. The most valuable things in life are earned through hard work and diligence. Although you will be tempted to take a sebatical from hard work and venture down a path of leisure of the moment, do not take that road as it leads to a place you do not belong. Love yourself.


If I could go back in time and talk to my senior self, I would tell myself to save save save my money and stop buying things that don't matter because when you're in college you appriciate every cent. Don't spend your parent's money, make your own. Don't depend on loans. It's a good feeling when the temporary items you could have bought, paid for a textbook instead. Also, don't dwell on current friends, keep in touch, but in college you meet so many new people, and you go on your own path and lead your own life. Your high school drama problems now will not matter when you're a college student, trust me. I would also tell myself to talk to the cute boy in math class because if you don't, you'll spend your whole first semester of college thinking "what if" and it's not a good feeling. Another thing, I would probably tell myself is that what other people think of me doesn't matter, and what I think about myself is way more important. Hold your head high, and everything gets better.


I would tell myself to ignore the social distractions in life. Their will be plenty of time for social activities in the many years to follow. For the meantime, de-activate facebook, instagram, and twitter. Concentrate, focus, and dedicate yourself to growing internally before externally.


If I could go back the first thing I would suggest would be to attend college right after high school. I would also remind myself to stay focused on my studies and to continue to assist friends and classmates with theirs. I would also like to remind myself to have fun and enjoy the present. Finally to follow your dreams and make the impossible, possible.


I have not been to college yet, but I would say to take your work and grades very serious. Take advantage of tutoring and teachers helping you. Education is the most important thing, school, jobs, and friends come after.


Dillon, Listen closely. The world may be a scary place, but that's only if you decide to be scared. When you go to college. You're going to select a major that you just want to go with because your relatives are involve in it. I say this, don't choose a major because of that, choose one that you want, that would make you happy. Also know that there are many different types of people that you will meet. People that may seem strange, or weird to you. But don't let that make you judge them. Because those types of people will turn out to be good friends. Along the road, you will meet many people like yourself. Good luck, me!


I would tell myself, stop playing around! Although friends, gossip, and weekend plans seem important now they aren't important in the future. Friends (most of them) will dissapear, you wont care who is dating who, and your weekends will be filled with a job and homework. You will realize in college how much of this is true. With that being said I would go into duel enrollment. I never saw this as something important so if I could go back I would stress how much easier that would have made college for me! I would have to let myself know how much a loan really ends up costing and i could have saved thousands by duel enrolling and letting the school board pay for it, not to mention have a degree by the time i was 20, that would have caught my attention! Even though all these things would have been vital information back in high school nothing would beat the advice on waiting to have children. If I could go back to myself in highschool I would show myself every recipt or every expense and record myself trying to study with two screaming kids. If only I could.


If I could go back to my senior year i would change one thing. I would change my study habbits. During my senior year I had very bad study habbits. My senior year was so easy that I barely had to do work to pass. But the second I went off to this college i attend now, it required me to study everyday for hours of the day and its so hard for me to just jump into studying for hours of the day when I never even opened a book the year before. It's hard to brake old habbits excspecially when the new habbits require hard work all of a sudden. I learned how to manage time and study proper and so far I am succesful but it would of been alot better if i practiced it the year before.


These four years of college are the best years of your life. The literature classes you take will open your mind to different ideas, and your writing classes will be some of the most fun you've had. Don't worry about whether or not any classmates like your ideas; they'll be kind, accepting and give feedback based on the mechanics of your writing, not on the genre or what you choose to write about. Sharing your final song in Lyric Writing will be fun, and people will tell you that you did well, and some of your structural choices will be explained. You'll remember several professors, but one of the ones that will stick out for you will be your World Lit professor, who'll be nothing like you first expect, and the class will be one of your favorites because of it. You'll also get the chance to go to Canada (don't worry that your mom won't let you go; she'll be tickled enough to swap out a Traverse City vacation so you can go). In short, college will be an adventure (and don't worry, you won't have debt).


I’m here from the future to give you some much needed advice. First of all, don’t allow the drama that is going on right now to affect you. Avoid allowing our mother not being there or our friends pulling you into drama drag you down, and blinding you from completing your goals. Also don’t allow not knowing what you want to study in college affect your mood or feel lost. Don’t lose your motivation. I know at this point you are very dragged down, tired, and confused but enjoy the freedom of not having that much responsibility. Stop stressing about every detail that goes on, when something happens and learn to open up. You need to communicate with people instead of thinking you will become social randomly. Getting over you shyness this senior year will help you during your college years. Here’s a hint to what you will later figure out what you want to do: Film. Volunteer, because people may be dealing with the same problems as you. Also look for a job to get experience and don’t give up. Just focus on what’s important and keep moving on.


Don't give up


If I could go back to my high school senior year the main thing I would do is look for more scholarship help. Paying for college is very expensive but in the long run it is worth it when it comes to furthering my education and receiving a degree. Senior year of high school I didn't seek any help when it came down to paying for college. I didn't really know that it would cost a lot especially when it comes to college textbooks, fees and the tuition. Another thing that I would do if I could go back to senior year is truly appreciate that last year of "no worries". College courses are very difficult especially freshman year when everything is new. Although these courses are difficult and challenging the reward at the end of the class is very rewarding. You learn a lot and it helps a lot not only in school but through out life as well but going back to senior year with "no worries" would be lovely too. If I could go back to senior year these two main things would be the one thing that I would have in my mind set.


I was not inquisitive in Highschool,i left everything alone and just waited for things to come my way.I never asked for help with anything and was proud enough to think i could solve all my problems by myself.If anything i would tell myself not to be too proud or scared to ask about anything.I had short and long term goals,like making sure i made the grades to help get into college and gain schorlaships.In route to those goals i came through tough times wether it be difficult classes or complications in my life.I never taught to ask for help even though i needed it and just stuck to the idea that somehow my problems would fix themselves.I've had time to reflect on my actions and behavior in Higschool and know that i can change my character in due time but the most important thing i've learned is to be inquisitive and ask questions because you never know what you'll learn.


I would certainly continue high school. I would have started college sooner. Now I started late and getting a career is hard. I am achieving my goals in life, but it deffinately is later than anticipated. Had I graduated high school and gone straight to college, I would now b a successfull Law Attorney.


Going to college is like learning to ride a bicycle. You will be a bit wobbly at first; don't be afraid to use training wheels. You might find that you like riding alone, or maybe you need group rides to stay motivated. Either way is fine! If you get tired of the repetitive cycling, remember that you can change gears. Tackling hills, maneuvering through town or just coasting along will all get you somewhere. The things you see along the way can be just as important as your final destination. Maybe your bike has a banana seat and handlebar streamers, or perhaps you simply must have padded shorts and serious hydration to ride; discovering these things about yourself will help you decide what kind of rides you will go on. Some people are life-long cyclists; others look back on their cycling as a fond memory. Just get on the seat and start pedaling and you will be on your way!


Don't give up! I did not have my parents around to push me into graduating. So, I dropped out in 9th grade and went to night school full time and worked full time. I finally received my GED in 1999. So knowing how hard it was I should of just stayed in school. I will not allow my kids to fail or drop out. This has taught me to NEVER GIVE UP!


Don't rely on anyone else for motivation, inspiration, or any sort of hand-holding. So-called guidance can only take you so far, and you may regret following it too assuredly. As an artist, realize that the time to begin your life's work is now. Don't waste time waiting for college to improve you, but use it as a resource to improve yourself. In the words of Helen Keller, "College isn't the place to go for ideas." That said, do try to meet and connect with others, and don't even think about the departed high school class. You are entering a new peer group who know nothing about you, so use the rare opportunity to cast off old labels and propagate a more comfortable, honest identity. Communicate with professors and faculty as much as possible, and don't be afraid to ask for what you want. Through polite persistence, you can engage in special projects, bypass classes, extend deadlines, etc. Do not expect to continue the high-school norm of lazy work, late work, partial credit, absence. Professors will now expect exactly what they ask for, and nothing else. Finally, enjoy yourself!


I would sign up for a lot more scholarships then what I did before. I would pay more attentions to school, and try to learn as much as I could. I wish I visited more schools, and applied more schools.


I would of given myself the advice to keep my grades up, that scholarships are important when you do not have rich parents. I would of adviced myself to go to college while in high school due to the fact that it is free. I would of also adviced myself on debt, to stay far away from it so I could go to school full time.


If I were to go back to my senior year in high school and give myself advice, I would say to believe in myself. I found when I started college that it could be easy when I was working on school that I started to feel incapable of doing what was set in front of me. Even though I had support by others to encourage me through this time of my life, I really needed to believe that I could do it. As an example, when I took my final exam for anatomy last semester, I was extremely nervous because I was not sure if I would receive that grade I wanted. The day the grades came out I was a nervous wreck. When I got the courage to look at my posted grade I do not think I can even describe my happiness; I got my grade I needed!!! Looking back, all I needed to do was to believe in myself. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt,"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."


Knowing what I know now about college life, I would inform myself of the importance of time management, budgeting my finances, preparation and adequate study time. There are many skills that help you transition from high school life and the dependence that you are allowed to have there into new independent college life. However, out of all of them, the five I mentioned in this paragraph, would be the skills that I would prepare myself for. These skills, or disciplines, as I could call them, are so crucial. As a high school student, I was able to have so much layed out for me and prepared for me. I didn't have to have the motivation to budget my finances in order to maintain my education. I recieved a free education (government funded) and free boarding at home, as well as everything else I needed to live and more, provided by family. Whereas, now, I need to provide an income for my family to maintain our living arrangements, as well as have the adequate study time to prepare myself to get good grades so that eventually, I will graduate and get a steady job in my career field.


We havent got much time Amanda. Im you, but in the future you, the almost college graduate you. I need you to listen and do everything I say, trust me I have done it all already. First start at a community college it is the way to go, for lower cost and for a smoother transition. Used books are just as good as new ones and buying a good pair of walking shoes will be essential. Use the bathroom everywhere but at home because paying for toliet paper is rediculous. Also, burn in your brain that credit cards are the devil, and paying interest on a burger and fries is idiotic. Make sure you plan out a monthly schedule to balance classes, study time, and fun time, and make sure you stick to it. As good as all those parties sound, taking classes only once would be benificial. And most important, boys will be a waste of time. Just make sure you meet your neighbor junior year, thats your husband! Basically, enjoy your college years, debt free, making the grades, and create lots of memories.


As I walk in I notice myself sitting there, it was crazy, like you see in those clone movies. I sit down and just look at myself for a second. "Hey man" the older version says. I don't know what to say, before I say anything he continues to tell me this. "Michael, look I know this must be absolutely crazy to imagine right now but just hear me out. Your probably thinking of that song "A Letter to Me" by Brad Paisley, which is good. So I know your enjoying senior year, and trust me its going to be pretty awesome, but I want to give you some advice. So we are going to take the SAT's right? Do us both a favor START STUDYING NOW! You have no idea how much that affects us, its to late for the grades now, so trust me and focus on that, and if you do you will be enjoying the university life next year instead of being stuck in this town. I know it does'nt seem like much, but it will pay off! Oh and one more thing please, please focus when you get to college! Trust me!"


I would say to myself that it is alot harder than you think it is. It's alot more homework to do and so much to learn. I would tell myself to get more serious and not to play around as much.


Dear Me , I know that you do not enjoy being in highschool and I know how much you hate waking up early in the morning. I know you do not know how to get into college and the main reason you do not go for a few years is because you do not know how. Everyone around you is getting accepted into universities and you don't even know what a university is . Trust me now and listen to what I have to tell you. You are not alone and you can be accepted just like everyone else .Think of your future. In a year, you will be pregnant and you will have a beautiful baby boy named Dylan. Start school now if not for you then for him because he will look up to you and ask you one day "Mommy what do you do ?" And you will have to tell him because you didn't go to school you are a waitress and you serve people daily their eggs and bacon. I know you have always thought you could be better and if you go to school now, don't wait, you will be.


Dear Megan, I'm aware that you've come to the final chapter of the "best years of your life", congratulations! As I would know, you have motivated yourself to excel in school. Luckily for you, I have decided to forewarn you of the unforeseen circumstances that will cause a few bumps along the way in attaining your education for the social work field, but never fret! In summary, your well-devised plan in general is not as brilliant as you may think. When you decide to look up the requirements for becoming a licensed social worker in the state of Florida, you will notice that you need a Master's of Social Work. You'll feel defeated if you believe at first you'll need an AS in Human Services and then a BSW to do so, although you have already enrolled for an AA. After more research and advice from those with experience in the field, you will finally understand that you may obtain your Bachelor's in Psychology, continue to a Masters in Social Work, and then perhaps a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. That way, you truly can get the best of both worlds! Sincerely, Yourself


I couldn't think of a better thing to ask for than being able to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior. If I could go back in time and tell myself what skills I need to prepare for my college future I would say, "Jen! Wake up! Be on time! Be alert and ready to learn today!" I would tell myself that motivation and focus are imparative to doing well in college. "You need to be confident and proud in everything you do because if you are, you know you have done your best."


I would without question tell myself to do my homework, and not just the type of homework assigned by the professors. I would have told myself to do more research on what the colleges can offer me, what I can do to better my chance in passing, and what I really hope to do in terms of career choice. As a high school senior, I thought I had it all thought out and well planned, but once I entered college I was taken aback. I expected there to be a lot of work, that was a given, but the expenses are mind numbing. I was unaware of the Fine Arts Club at PHCC which I would have joined first semester. I changed my major already as well. As a high school senior, we had guest speakers that would come in and say that on average a college student will change their major five times, but I always thought that wouldn't be me. I was unaware that the scholarship I had no longer covered 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} tuition and or books. To make the transition smoother and more enjoyable, doing more research would have been ideal.


If I could go back to have a conversation with myself when I was a senior in high school, I would tell myself do not wait to go to school. Do not think that you have to go to work right away to get by in this world. Go right into college and get your education, get your degrees. Doing this will ensure that you will be able to take care of yourself and your family. It is important in this world to have an education and be a contributing member of society. You can do this without going to college, but it is ten times harder. You do not want to go to work for someone else making minimal wage for hard labor. Go to college right away, don't wast a second and remember "Work Smart, Not Hard."


Hold your head high. It is not all about having fun but you can set yourself in the right direction and enjoy yourself at the same time. Take in the entire experience of going on to higher education at your discretion, not because someone else is making you. Knowing that you are the only high school graduate, let alone college, this should be enough confidence and push to continue. You want a good life and you want to feel accomplished so just stay with it! Push for the best, take advantage of opportunities and never stop wanting to learn!


If i could go back in time and was able to tell myself about college life i would tell myself to not be distracted, and to limit my classes to three a semester because more than that would be hard for me to keep up with. I would also tell myself to take better notes and pay better attention because the professors changed the notes. I might also mention that i dont need to buy some of my books because i would never use them. I would also have to tell myself to focus on school and dont let what is going on in my life keep me from doing what everyone knows I could have done.


If I could back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would first tell me self to focus more and study harder. I would also tellm myself to stay home while in school because it is extremely hard to go to school, work and pay bills. I would also tell myself that college isn't as hard as teachers tell us.


I would have seen it as a great means for a promising future and security in the workforce, with the ease in advancement as I matured, giving me the ability to achieve self sufficiency much sooner.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself before leaving high school I would tell myself to educate myself about getting into college. I would show myself the grades I need, entrance exams I need to take and how to take them, and financial aid possibilites. I would tell myself that I am not stupid and, no matter how bad my life was at that time that I would have a future. I would give myself a glimpse into the future and show myself as a 46 year old grandmother waiting tables. I would also show myself going back to college and achieving a 4.0 GPA... saying it can be done... but I would tell myself ?Do it now! Don't waste time! Be young while you can and have a college life with peers your age. Don't miss out on your college years. You can DO it!?


Katelyn is stubborn, and like any high schooler, believes that she has all of the answers and the most purposeful direction to her goals. To persuade her to settle into the conversation, I would utilize the comfort of her favorite beverage: a java chip frappucino. Grande. We'll laugh in the beginning; I still take life with a dose of humor. My message will be brief, and she won't think my assertions are valid. I tell her, inevitably, that life and her dreams won't go as planned. I show her a picture of a beautiful little boy named Evan. She compliments him with enthusiasm; great minds think alike. I won't tell her this time, that this is her son. Instead, I tell her to champion through the obstacles. To soldier on when exasperated, and that the best revenge is success. That even on the dreary days, dreams are still attainable. I pause, and I remind her, that knowledge is power and perseverance is key. She looks somber, and slightly confused, but she will understand someday. I see a familiar fire in her eyes, the same that still burn in mine. We will conquer.


I would start looking for scholarships and financial aid while still in high school, instead of waiting till I was in college.


if i want back as a senior, i would tell myself that i made the right decision. ive never been so happy in my life about going to school, and i would do it again. the same steps. i would tell myself to not always rush into things and say clam about life and school..


If i could go back to my senior year I would tell myself that college is a great experience. Many kids don't put forth the effort to go on after high school, but once you make the decision to keep going it is well worth it in the end. College is much different than high school. It requires you to get your priorites straight and really buckle down. Through college there will be just as much homework and tests if not more. I think college gives a much different feeling becuase your there because you want to be. No one makes you attend college, but these days your not much without it. College is a great experience for me because i work hands on with what I will be doing as a career. Knowing that I could truly experience the many aspects of my career really helped to know for certain it is what I would do for the rest of my life. There will be many ups and downs through college, but remember to stay strong and never give up. Many careers depend on this special extra time you took to make your career a true success!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell me to go to a junior college first. Community college is more student focused than big universities and they help give you the room to learn what you really want to do with the rest of your life. Just because you earn a degree doesn't mean that you won't go back to school for what you really want to do, that's what I did and I am much happier now. I'd tell myself to not be in such a rush for school to be over but to enjoy all of the experiences that you have there.


I would say to start college right away and not to wait. There is the construction secretary job but it won't always be there and both can be done at the same time. Start looking at other scholarships in summer of 2009 when the one you have is suddenly not enough. Make sure to use to check on the professors and buys books online or used if you can. Don't procrastinate on what you want to do as far as your major or degree and get the right advisor, preferably Ahmy. Sign up for classes as far in advance as possible because you can always change it later. The first year will be a bit overwhelming but make sure to ask questions and be more open with people in your class or out. You should also call the right staff members at college about whatever questions come to mind and be active in some club or group, although your parents will warn you that it might not be a good idea. Be involved in some of the college activities though, that way you will have a better experience.


Today's society is fast paced with a bottom line mentality often neglectful of past memories and milestones. As everyone knows, hindsight is 20/20, yet a trip to the past would warrant only one sentence of advice- " Live life to the fullest, cherish every moment and venture on every opportunity". High school is a critical point in life and a period of transition. In high school self discovery is at the forefront so it is important to remain open and accepting of thoughts, views and possibilities. Moreover, it is important to set goals yet expect and allow room for alterations, bumps and road blocks. Everyone has aspirations and dreams of the future but not everyone is afforded the same opportunities to make their dreams come true; so follow your passion and never forget who you are and the steps you have taken to get to today. Leave an imprint, a footstep, every where you go, as the road traveled is far more meaningful than the destinantion.


Simply find what makes you happy in life and go for it. Don't base decisions on money or what you like others want for you; decide for yourself what your true passion in life is.


To really take my studies seriously and do the homework it pays of in the end. I would also tell myself to do dual enrollment that way I wouldent have to pay for the classes. Use your schools available rescources.


I would tell myself to focus on the task at hand. I would also tell myself to do the best of my abilites and have fun while doing it. I am national honor student with a 3.89 GPA. I have no problems with working hard and achieveing my goals. I just need help in the financial department. Please consider me, I really need it. Thank You


I would tell myself not to be so stressed out and nervous about college life or the transition, because that is what everyone makes it out to be, but in truth college life is a lot easier and more fun than high school life, the petty drama is gone.


I would tell myself to start looking for more scholarships than I did. I did not spend enough time looking for scholarship in high school making it difficult for me to pay for college. I would also tell myself to make more friends in college than I did. Other than that college has been somewhat easy for me.


If I could go bacj to myself, as a high school student, the advise I would give is to just apply myself in every way possible. I wouuld tell myself that the trasition between high school and college isnt easy. That college is one of the most important things a person does in their life, and is not something to take lightly. I would tell myself to continue to study hard during high school, becuase it'll get me further later in life. I realize now that the important things always need to come first, I would tell myself that spending a little extra time on homework, or studying a little harder for that next big test, and search for scholarships becuase college is a necessary expense., will do me better than procrastinanting. Knowning everything that I do now, I would have to emphasize to my high school self that it might not seem significant, but all of my academic decisions will play a crutial role in my college life, and I need to make them wisely


As I saw myself walking in to the building to take that GED test. I would wish, I could have toId myself, that even if I had to take this test, because my transcripts were missing that doesn't make me a quiter or a failure. That no matter what people said, "Like you'll probably won't make it in a four year or possible even a two year." that you can get through that two year college so quit worrying, it might take you a while, so don't give up. I would tell myself that I might not have a lot of money because lets face it I'm not rich and so what if I couldn't buy some new books for college and had to settle for used or that the money for tution might not be there I would still get there. As I was walking into that office to register for college I would stop myself and tell myself that even that I may be scared to death of making the wrong choices and not sure what direction to head I would make it, that I should be proud and keep going forward.


If I could go back and give myself advise in high school, as a senior, I would tell myself that what I do now, in high school, is the foundation for the rest of my life. Following high school I enlisted in teh United States navy, and Looking back on it now, i don't see it as a bad decision, but as one that I feel now I should have waited until finishing my education to do. I realize now that as unimportant as it seemed then, putting more effort would have made my college life go so much more smoothly. During my senior year I was informed about the Dual Enrollment Program offered by the community college I attend now. my grade point average was 0.2 point off to be elligible, and I would really reitterate to myself how much easier thing would have been if i had taken the opportunity I was given, becuase college would have been paid for. I would have to tell myself that college is really no joke, that it takes hard work and long hours, but that eventually it will get me where I want to be.