Pasco-Hernando State College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had attended college earlier becuase alot of the work is harder then it was back in the 90's


I did not see my school in your drop down box. The school I will be going to is Ramussen College in New Port Richey staring April 4th 2011.


I wish that my parents would have told me to go to college while in high school. I wish my parents would have told me how important school was. Knowing this in high school I most likely would have tried harder to keep my grades up. I would of been able to get scholarships if I would of had a higher GPA. I would not be working right now if my parents would have educated me better on school. I would be going to school full time to acheive my dream.


Before attending this school I wish I would have know that the selection of online classes is minimal and can change from semester to semester. The courses I need for my degree are no longer offered online and being that I'm in Texas due to the military I will not be graduating when I hoped to.


If I could have spoken to myself in high school with my knowledge now, I would have told myself that even though I am involved in extracurriculour activities that I still need to focus hard on schoolwork. Dual enrollment is a program that should be taken advantage of and scholarships are at my fingertips. Take advantage of all opportunities available right now and you can still have fun doing everything. An extra hour a day spent on future school possibilities really isn't a lot and you will regret it later.




take advantage of your schools advisors, they are there to help you and they are happy to do it. Also attend your classes every day if you can, dont skip just because you dont feel like going.


I wish I new more about their programs and the credits that they transfer from other schools.


I wish I had known how much work it would actually take. I knew that college life would be hard with juggling full time attendence, a full time job, and homework, it was a real eye opener. After seeing how much i've accomplished in one year of this I had a great deal of pride, and realized that as exhausting as it is, its worth it. What I wish I would have been better prepared for how expensive it really was. I didn't expect how much the tuition and book wouuld run each semester