Paul Smiths College of Arts and Science Top Questions

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Paul Smith's is unique, beacuse there are many different majors, all of which are very hands on. The campus is located in the heart of the Adirondaks, and on the Lower ST. Regis Lake. The view is beautiful year round, the class sizes are small, the teachers are caring, and the atmosphere is welcoming. Attending Paul Smith's College is the best decision I have ever made.


Paul Smith's is in the Adirondacks surrounded by nature. I love that I can see were the Food comes from there and I also feel I will enjoy the teaching staff there. The student to teacher ratio there is 15:1 and other schools have 30:1.


Class/labs are taught outside (if in the sciences programs). Beautiful campus.


Paul Smith's is focused on hands-on experiance to the extreme- everything has some hands on aspects. For the type of student attending, it's the best possible environment to learn in! From culinary Arts(my major) to forestry, we learn and are taught by example and demonstration.


We live in the middle of nowhere. We are 20 minutes from the nearest town. It is beautiful. The teachers are wonderful, they really love what they do, and they're good at it. The people here are much less judgemental than at other places. It's easy to fit in, even if you were a wierd kid in high school. People complain about the food, but it gets better every semester. Even with the long, harsh winters, this place really grows on you.


The setting and cirriculum