Paul Smiths College of Arts and Science Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worse thing about m yschool would be the price. For a small school that is relatively unknown it is overpriced. I love going here, but it is way too much money and I am nervous about repaying my loans.


There isn't a lot about my school that is terrible. A couple things would have to be the food; Sodexo already has our money for the semester so they don't care about the quality of food they serve us. Also the facilities in the administration building are no help at all. If you go ask for help with financial aid for example they do not help, they tell you you’re on your own.


I feel that beause not many ethnic groups are represented at Paul Smiths, we are depriving ourselves of a variety of people and opinions to share. It would be wonderful to have more people in general at the college as well. We have about 800-900 students, and it can get a little monotonous.


It is only 4 years! I wish I could stay for 8! Also, being located in the woods in a small town, there is not a lot of racial diversity. But diversity of other types are abundant.


i mean i guess the worst thing for me personally is, coming from a city and attending college here in the middle of the woods. if your used to haveing everything ( stores, shops, doctors, dentist, fast food, restraunts) right at your fingertips ... that is not the case here. you have to travel for everything and the nearest mall is a hour away. just a heads up. i deal with it and i obviously am doin ok since im still here


The worst thing is the lack of different ethnic backgrounds.


The lack of attention to detail. The food is bad. They don't handle snow removal very well. Any needed repairs in dorm rooms take forever.


The school is too focused on making money from the students, than what the students really need from the school. Due to this the quality of life on campus has gone down. The new dorms cost more to stay in, and the school places students on there that specifically said they didn't want to go there, and charges them the extra money. Events have gone downhill to save cash. We went "green" in our power (100% wind power) but they charge us more for it. The school does not offer classes that are required for graduation, sometimes.