Pearl River Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Never give up on your dreams. Just because yuo fail once doesn;t mean you sit down and quit. Get back up and try again.


Dear self, Please get a part time job, believe me when I say you will need the money when your car breaks down and you have to buy textbooks for college. Now, go and sign up for the ACT and study for it! I know no one has mentioned that it would be important, but it really is. You will end up taking it three times if you don't study! I know that the classes you are taking aren't hard, but learn how to study, it will help you out when you get into A and P in college. High school does not determine who you are for the rest of your life. People are making fun of you but continue to stay true to who you are. Real friends will be there for the long haul. Remember, you are the only one who can fix your problems. Don't sweat the small stuff. Last but not least, PLEASE take your education very seriously, your future self depends on it.


I would advise to stay focused during your freshman year of college. Stay away from private loans and attempt to get as many scholarships as possible. Consider enrolling into the community college's surgical technology program instead of mortuary science. Stay focused, have fun, enjoy being young, and learn all there is to learn.


I would tell myself this : After High School, only one of two things is going to happen. You will either, further your education by attending college, or "LIFE" will happen. When "Life" happens, you find a job that pays your bills, yet you still live paycheck to paycheck. Next you get in a relationship, and possibly have children. Eventually the bills begin to pile up, money is being spent quicker than you can get it, and before you know it , good ole faithful , Father Time, has passed you by. You'll be 10, 20, 30 years older and still working a dead-end job, or two, and have nothing to show for it. It is imperative, that you get your college don't just want a J-O-B, you need a CAREER. Something that you'll be able to truly live off of, and have something to look forward to retire from. In this day and time their are very few jobs available for those people without an education. Don't procrastinate, because in your procrastination, LIFE WILL sneak up and over take you. It will be more difficult then to make up for lost time.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice as a high school senior I would say make the most out of every test because in the end it is every test that makes the grade. The same is true with decisions. Make the most out of every decision you make because in the end it is every small decision that will get you where you want to go. If you make a mistake don't get down on yourself. Hold your head high and learn from it. Keep going no matter what. College will fly by and sooner than you think you will have accomplished your dreams and goals. Do not worry about what might lie ahead but make make the very best out of every moment. Life is short and college is only a small portion of it. Have you mind set on your goals and work everyday to get there. Knowing what I know now about college these are the words of advice I would say to me as a high school senior.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself, as a high school senior, to get involved in as many different organizations and clubs as possible because that does look good on your college applications and scholarships. Also I would say not to limit yourself. You should go after any dreams and goals you may have. Do not be afraid to try new things and get out in the world and make new friends. Yes it is kind of scary but it is a great experience. Sometimes college life may seem overwhelming but do not get too stressed, everything will work out if you work hard. Also do not procrastinate! You need to get a planner and write down all your due dates because your teachers do not remind you that the biggest project that is half your grade is due the next day. But all-in-all, college is the greatest experience you could have. You will meet your best friends that you could have for life there. I say go for it, its all or nothing, go big or go home.