Pellissippi State Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any. Literally any. However, don't think that just because it's a community college that it's an easy ride. Some teachers are pretty chill, others want you in every class and to have extremely detailed notes. Otherwise, the campus is fairly diverse in personalities. Racially? No, not really. I think out of the two classes I'm taking we only have 2, maybe 3 POC.


The type of person who should attend Pellissippi State Community College is any person that has the drive to succeed. PSTCC is college that is dedicated to help and encourage students to reach all of their potential. Knowledge is power which is exactly what PSTCC promotes, higher education. College is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline but with the help of advisors and teachers at PSTCC any student can and will succeed.


If you want to attend Pellissippi State Community College, you need to be willing to work hard and to attend class everyday, because even missing one day of class can weigh you down a lot. Always take every class seriously because the easiest class may turn into a nightmare if you fail to involve effort in your success in the class. Always pay attention in class and get all your assignments turned in on time. You also need to be willing to spend twice as much time at home studying than you would be involved in class. Try your best!


Pellissippi State Technical Community College is a great opportunity for students who are uncertain of what they are planning to do with their lives. I have been attending Pellissippi for one semester now and have already met a multitude of diverse and unique people. People from a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. Pellissippi has opened many doors for me personally. In the fall of 2011 I am planning to attend the University Of Tennessee and from their I plan to attain an elementary teaching degree. Pellissippi is a great school for students who want to build futures for themselves.


A person should attend this school if they are not sure what they would like to do with their life, or if they plan on transferring to a University, you can get the first two years of school finished at a community college.