Pellissippi State Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to push forward no matter what obstacles comes my way. Send any free time studying. Time management is a key part in success as a college student. No matter what do not give up, keep going. Pay attention in all of your classes.


If I could speak to myself during my high school career, I would advise myself to enjoy high school more because it is not always about your studies and homework assignments, but also about making friends and furthering the limits of your social life. I would tell myself to cherish the ever growing knowledge that I am earning through my plethera of classes more because, in the future, it could be more useful that I think. I would also tell myself to continue working hard and to never be lazy about my school life and work effort and my studies at home. I would also tell myself to get more involved in my school and to branch out to other clubs that my high school has to offer. Last of all, I would inform myself that it would be a very wise decision to start applying for scholarships as early as possible.


I would tell my high school self that all the choices he made were the wrong ones. I would tell him that he is throwing away the best opportunities he has to get into a college or university of your dreams and play sports. I would tell him that all those football and soccer scholarships that you have been offered won't mean anything if you don't get your grades up. I would tell him that none of the athletic awards is going to get you into school until you strive to be an exemplary student and honorable person. All you are doing is the easy part. You aren't putting in the book work to get into to any of those colleges. Don't be like present Ryan and blow all those opportunities and spend the first semester just learning how to be a good student and how to study and take test. Don't find yourself in present Ryan's shoes hoping to get a second chance to prove himself academically worthy of being accepted into a university. High school Ryan, you can go anywhere and be anything as long as you work for it.


Don't try and grow up too fast. Being young is required. Learn to take a breather every now and then but keep your eye on the prize. Do what makes you happy at the time and will also benefit you down the road. Do not ever hesitate to call Mom!


I would probably tell myself to continue to strive for excellence and to apply for those scholarships like crazy!


I would tell myself to keep moving forward and that you can do it. make dad proud, and although times seem tough you've got people to push you forward. I'm living proof you make it. Dont let one person ruin your life, it's sad she's gone but you make so many new friends. Buck up and live life to the fullest, apply yourself for now on and work your butt off at work. Be the guy everyone likes to be around and know. Be yourself brother!


I would tell my senior self to get tested for ADD now instead of later so I can get help earlier. If i had help sooner, my grades would have improved immensely. With that help, I would also tell myself to retake the ACT so I can get a better grade and some financial aid.


I had always planned to go to college but for some reason I was excited for my senior year to end always thinking "finally I'm done with school". If I could go back in time to help myself prepare college I would tell myself not to slack off the way I did during last years. I'd tell myself to study harder and play later. I'd tell myself not to wait three years to go to college because I'm working twice as hard to remember the material from high school. It's also twice as hard because I slacked off towards the end and didnt bother to learn any of the material but instead memorized enough to let me pass my exams. Knowing now that we would end up in this economic reccesion and watching friends and family members go through all these lay offs I would tell myself to make sure to take advantage of life, get good grades so that you can get scholarships and attend school instead of having to struggle to pay for school the way I am now. If I could go back thats what I'd say.


I would tell myself to take class more serioulsy and tell myself how to study and not cram. I would take advantage of the office hours of my professors and even if I am hesitant on a concept, there are plenty of people out there to help me understand. I wouldn't take anything for granted and not let my family life upset me as much. I lost focus when I was young because of terrible family problems and needed to focus on my education and taking care of myself first.


I would start by telling myself to save more money from the jobs I worked through out high school. Looking back I made decent money at 16 and 17 and wish I could have had something to show for that than several full tanks of gas and a cute new shirt. I would tell myself to learn how to study and tell myself how very important it is to study and take the time to make your education number one on my list of priorities. I also would tell myself that life is too precious to not speak to someone when you see them in the hall. Life changes in the blink of an eye from walking accross the stage of high school graduation to the first day of college. I would tell myself to enjoy the small things, not to sweat the major things, study, do your homework, and do not ; I repeat, do not fail any college courses.


Focus, dedication, and determination are all needed in the college world. Assuming I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would give myself a lot of advice. I would advise to work on my study skills. In college hours are needed to perform well on tests and exams. Study skills in high school are not stressed as much as they should be. I would also advise myself to fill out more financial aid. Filling out the FAFSA was very helpful, but didn't cover everything. With the help of financial aid I would be "worry free" about the money and could completely focus on the academics. I would also give myself a warning of the difference. The difference between high school and college are like comparing black and white. In high school excuses are accepted and deadlines have exceptions. In college if you do not complete tasks within the deadlines no excuses are accepted and you are given zeros. Another differenece, if college classes are missed you fall behind others are it is very hard to catch back up. Altogether I would warn myself of the many differeneces of school levels.


If I could go back and talk to myself my senior year of High School, there would be many things I would tell myself. First, going to class, even when they do not take roll is still very important. You might miss something very important, Like what to write your paper on, or the formula for the math test. Second I would tell myself that every single class you take counts to your GPA, no matter what it is. Third I would tell myself that you have to fill out the FAFSA regaurdless of whether or not you get scholarships, you have to have it completed in order to go to school. Fourth, do not procrastinate in college, trying to worry about classes the last two weeks of the semester, when you did not care entire first half of the semester does no good. This is not High School. Fifth apply for every Scholarship you can find, every little bit of money helps with paying for school. Finally, do not work yourself to death trying to go to work and school. You will not do well at either, one will suffer and usually its the school. My advice to me.