Pellissippi State Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


There is a side of the internet FULL of study tips and tricks: go onto Tumblr and look up the studyblr tag. Those blogs are FULL of resources, tips, tricks, stationery recs, masterposts, and more. It will help you and it's an entire community dedicated to learn and to grow as students. Also, make some damn friends and don't be afraid to initiate conversation. You'd be surprised who you get along with. Planners are essential and look at them at least three times a day. Plan AHEAD. Fill that puppy in with all the syllabus knowledge your teachers have so graciously given you. They give it to you so you can plan ahead. You think studying for 4 hours a day as is lame? You know what's really lame? Hangovers and grades that skate on the failing line. That's lame. Get over your urge to party and buckle down Elle Woods style.


I wish I had known how truly expensive school is and how much books really cost. I also would have liked to have been more familiar with study skills and note-taking skills as well as test studying/taking skills.


I wish I had looked up the location before agreeing to go here.


Wifi was everywhere, you can communicate with your teachers alot more and that you can work on campus. i thought that was pretty amazing. I'm still learning, I dont know everything about this school yet, I just found out yesterday what the rec center is. I thought it was more of a gym for classes, not just for working out.


I wish I would have known how to budget when I was about to graduate high school so I could have saved better for the 'college life.'


College is an immensely different world when compared to high school. Knowing the challenge that I was about to be introduced to when entering college would have been very helpful. I now understand, after my first semester; that college courses require time, effort and focus. Going into college unprepared makes classes somewhat difficult, however going into classes with the experience of my first semester, I think that it will be much easier. With a positive mindset I believe I can succeed in college knowing it will be a difficult road, but in the end it will certainly be worth it.


That developmental classes count the same as regular classes toward your GPA. and that Not going to class because you do not like the teacher does not solve anything, except you fail.