Pennsylvania College of Technology Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Pennsylvania College of Technology has many strengths. It is a respected technological school. Some of the Culinary Arts majors can apply for an internship at the Kentucky Derby and have gone on to work at many respected restaurants and venues. The welding and nursing programs have a long wait list. Also, the school is very supportive to help students find jobs and internships before, during and after their graduation.


Majors that are very hands on and hard to find at other schools. Pennsylvania College of Technology is very good with providing all sorts of majors which lots of new and upto date techology.


My school is best known for their dedication toward students in the fields they are in. They are best known for the advanced technology that they offer here for students to use in their majors. My college has a quote that they are known for and seem to make students succed here which is "Degrees that work" meaning when the students enrolled at this school graduate their degrees will offer them an almost automatic job opportunity.


their hands-on approach to learning


Job placement and major related classes.


The best thing my school is known for is there attention to the students, and gett ing a quality education


Being a part of penn state


hands-on technology


Our school used to be known as a "tech" school but it's really not. We offer alot of great majors for the healthcare and business careers.


Various choices in degrees


This school is best known for it's women's soccer team, archery team, trucks, and a too high percentage of men.

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