Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


someone who likes to be involved in a big community


Any kind of person who wants to receive a higher education should attend Penn State. This university embodies a home away from home feel, outstanding sports environment, and provides an amazing education.After all, it is called "Happy Valley" for a reason.


The kind of person that shoud attend Penn State is a person who is capable of keeping a well-balanced social life along with a well-balanced academic life. It is very easy to get caught up in the party scene while attending Penn State. Attending parties as more encouraged than attending classes! It is the honest and brutal truth about most colleges. But Penn State in particular is most note-worthy of this because of its long-standing career of being a party school. And as long as you can balance both worlds, you'll do just fine!


I think anyone could attend this school and enjoy themselves. Penn State is a party school, but you can choose not to be part of the party scene and enjoy yourself just the same. Students that want to focus either on athletics or academics will be able to find a place for themselves at Penn State.


Very social people that want that college experience. The school does become academically challenged until the later year but if you want want that challenge it can be found.


Anyone who enjoys a large community, quality education, and never ending avenues of support. The only drawback is the cold, but that's nothing some warm clothing can't fix.


A hard working individual focused on education


This school is truly accomodating to any type of student, but particularly to those who are not only interested in a good education in any field imaginable, but also wants to dabble in extracurricular research, athletics, community service, etc. The school's large population enables hundreds of diverse programs to not only exist, but thrive, and anyone unsure of what they want to study would be perfectly placed (in the Division of Undergraduate Studies, DUS) where they can explore what's out there.


Penn State is the perfect school for anyone. If you do not like big crowds/classes, though, I suggest that you attend a branch campus instead of Main.


Someone who doesn't have many problems being social or talking to people. Also, if you love getting involved and making a difference, you should attend this school.


Someone who is well rounded in academics and involved in his or her commiunites.


It caters to people of all sorts. Musically talented, athletes, hard workers, those who want to feel school spirit, etc. You want to be open to big classes.


Those who love a good time, but are responsible enough to get their work done.


Penn State is inviting to all types of students. Students who are comfortable with largely populated classes would extremely enjoy the classes Penn State has to offer. The classes at this university can range all the way up to 700 students. Students who are comfortable in very cold weather would adjust to the weather in this area of Penn State. Penn State is a snow school. If you can handle the snowy weather here, you can handle the weather anywhere. Penn State provides students with a great variety of classes, majors, extracurricular activties and space to explore.


I think almost anyone would fit in here. Penn State is so large that you can always find someone who has similar interests as you. Regardless of your race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious affilifation, or economic background, there is always someone like you here. Some people feel as though Penn State is too large for them, but it's only as large as you make it.


Not every kind of person can attend this school. Students looking to get their education here should have a strong work ethic. Someone with a lazy attitude will not be able to handle the work load. Penn State has many different fields to study and would be a good choice for many students. I think that this school would be a good fit for any prospective student looking to study science or engineering. They have great programs and encourage undergraduate research.


Penn State is a place where new students are welcomed immediately as one of the gang. There is a definite cohesion that encompasses all Penn Staters, past and present. Who should attend? Any student willing to challenge themselves to find a balance between having the time of their life via club/volunteering/social opportunities and homework. You need both to truly succeed as a Penn Stater.


Someone who is outgoing and ambitious. It is easy to get lost at school here. You have to put yourself out there and find a place where you fit in. You should also be responsible. This school is a big party school and you have to decide what the best decision for you is as far as drinking.


Penn State is a traditional university that upholds many of its original values. It is a large university but that should not worry incoming students beacuse that is one of my favorite things about attending Penn State. There is something here for everyone to love.


Penn State University is a great school for academics and leading you to a great career. However, they only accept about half of the people that apply. Penn State tends to only accept students that graduate high school with a high GPA, and score well on the SAT/ACT. If you aren't someone who has scored that well in school, you may want to attend a junior college and try to raise your grades before applying. This school is advance, and if you aren't serious about your course work, you will get behind easily.


Someone who is crazy about football! Also, someone looking to attend an enourmous school and open to meeting so many new people. Some who doesn't mind the cold weather and who doesn't mind not having air conditioning because there isn't any in the residence halls.


Someone who appreciates having many resources and opprtunities at their disposal should attend Pennsylvania State University. Also, it really is a big campus, both spatially and population-wise, so if you can walk five-ten minutes to get to a class and if you like to be part of a large student body, then this is your school. There is also a lot of school pride and loyalty to Penn State here, so if you come and visit, you may very well get caught up in th spirit!


open minded, hard work, outgoing, ready to grow etc.


A student who attends this school should enjoy being around other people. He or she should not be intimidated by larger class size, or impatient when it comes to making appointments with a professor or an advisor. The successful student at Penn State will embrace the many opportunities that there are for meeting new people, participating in clubs and study groups. There are challenges to living in such a large community, so a prospective student should know that patience with other people and tolerance of their crazy study habits or lack thereof is also a necessary attribute.


The type of person that should attend Penn State is somebody who sets goals and works towards achieving them. Penn State has a lot of students, so this school is good for somebody who really wants to be involved with making a change becuase there are so many people here to listen to what others have to say. The world really could be made a better place for everyone, especially if the leader who say what they have to say can be heard by ohters. It is easy to become a leader and work towards positive change at Penn State.


Anybody who goes to Penn State finds a place to fit in. As long as you put yourself out there, you'll find your niche.


A person looking to meet a lot--a LOT--of new people should seriously consider Penn State. Main Campus has 40,000+ undergrads alone, which is an incredible amount of people. Penn State's academics are phenomenal, too, especially for the hard sciences but even for liberal arts major like myself. Classes are as hard as you want them to be, and I personally feel challenged every day while still finding time to attend special lectures like Jacques Thorreau's, cheering at a football game (go, JoePa!), or playing Quidditch on the HUB lawn.


Outgoing, career rocused, initiated, self-sufficient person


The diversity at Penn State is incredibly immense. I transferred to a separate building for my second semester, and I met all kinds of people. People from all over the country, different nationalities, and especially different personalities. People who don't believe they will do well in a big school would be surprised. I honestly believe anyone that is willing to create new friends, which one must be able to do when pursuing a college degree, will find new friends, new experiences, and amazing opportunities. Anything anyone wants to be they can be at Penn State.


Any type of person could attend Pennyslvania State University in University Park. With a plethora of majors and a gigantic campus filled with plenty of things to do, any college student would fall in love with Penn State instantly. If you are a person that loves to be busy, loves to be surrounded by thousands of potential friends, and wants to get a great education, Penn State is the school for you!


Penn State is built on community. All students are greatly involved in helping out the global community, and enriching their education in order to have a more successful life. The atmosphere here is intoxicating and students must be ready to be engaged. The rural community and mountainous ambience allows students to feel more at home and gives the large university a small town feel.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who really wants to find out who they are. It would be helpful to be outgoing and ready to try anything that comes your way. You should be ready to study however ready to have a lot of fun as well.


PSU is a large campus in a small town. If you're used to big city life, this university will be a difficult transition for you. Students who are comfortable with large classroom settings and a small town feeling will enjoy life here.


Anyone who wants to be surrounded by a large amount of student. It is also good for students who want to make a good career after they graduate. This school will make minorities feel comfortable and students from different background. Also, a person should care at least a little bit about sports and be eager to socialize.




The type of student that should attend this school should be one that is outgoing. They should find it easy to walk up to stranger or join a club to get to know people. the student that attends this college should be hard working. There is alot of work to be done in your classes and you should become prepared to get it done. the students that attend here should open to new things and able to adjust easily.


People who have been in the work-force for a few years because many of the discussions pertain to a working environment and what you would do to make a difference or change.


A prospective student should be someone who can acclamate themselves to a large campus.


I honestly think anyone could attend this college. There is such a wide variety of majors and activities. It really comes down to majors. Some majors here seem extremely easy, and others are very difficult and time consuming.


Students who aren't afraid of a large campus and lecture halls should attend Penn State. Students who have school spirit and are ready to get involved on campus will fit in with our students. Students who are ready to learn and network with school alumni have a great opportunity here.


This college is open to everyone, although many who inspire to go here normally have a party school set in mind. Don't get me wrong, Penn State is infact a large party school, however a person's academics and future is the focus. People how strive for success and are hoping to experience a sublime education while having an amazing social life.


You should be outgoing and like to be involved because there are a lot of opportunities. Also, you should not be afraid of a large campus, although it does not seem as big once you get used to it.


The type of person that should attend this school, to get the best out of it, is someone who would not mind a large university, somewhat intereested in sports as football is a very large part of school spirit, very socially active, academically focused, disciplined, open-minded, and career oriented.


A person who wants many opportunities to succeed and isnt afraid to pursue those opportunities.


Anyone that has the willingness to succeed and meet plenty of new people. Someone that enjoys a big learning environment and has plenty of love for football and lots of school spirit.


Any person who enjoys both school and fun at the same place. Anyone who wants to meet a lot of people and get involved in organizations across the board would like this school. It's big, but it also has a small town feel.


People who will have pride and dedication to their alma mater. Pennsylvania State University is not just about education, but also tradition and family (family being your classmates). People who are open to new ideas, cultures, and religions and who are willing to go the distance to study hard for their goals will fit in with others who share the same ideals. The party scene is large, but we are a school that knows the right balance between work and play.


Someone who is outgoing, can make friends easily and independent. You need be motivated to do schoolwork on your own and know when to stay in to do work and when to have fun.


Most likely an in-state student from Pennsyvlania although out-of staters also adjust well to school here. Should like the cold weather and living in Happy Valley, not near a city.


Penn State is for an individual who is open-minded, ready to learn, become involved, and excited to experience the best of what college has to offer! Penn State is for the individual who can handle demanding classes while maintaining his or her well-being, social life, spirituality, and safe mentality. An understood requirement of Penn State students, a Penn State student should be able to cheer exceptionally loud, wear blue and white to an extreme, and never settle for anything but the best - Penn State.