Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Abington Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Overall I feel that Penn State Abington is good school with a solid learning evironment. I guess my biggest issue with the school is the fact that when it comes to transfer students like I feel that they don't do enough to help educate the students about the policices and deadlines at the campus. This can obviously the adjustment period for new students like me a little hectic and just slows my introduction period to the college.


The fact that it is a commuter school. It's just hard being in such a great and large university but not being able to fully experience it. I can acknowledge that it may not have the space or money for on-campus housing, but it makes it harder to make bonds with people. When everyone goes home at the end of the day and you only see them once a week, it's hard to make a solid group of friends.


Probably the parking, it is usually full and we have to park off campus somewhere else in a shopping center. That takes up a lot of time to get to clsas if we are late.




Lack of parking spaces for commuting students


There is no on-campus housing.