Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Altoona Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The 2018 Penn State Altoona freshman class is a group of socially diverse individuals. Ranging from the eccentric and extremly outgoing individuals, to the self kept bookworms whom one will find to be a valuable asset one day. The different backgrounds of people who come from all over the world to attend Penn State create a vivid enviroment for new students to experience and learn in. Lastly, WE ARE!


My classmates are energetic, enthusiastic, ambitous and full of life.


My classmates are diverse and tend to hang out together in cliques, similar to high school.


Striving to get to the top.


My classmates are very diverse; coming from all over the nation, and even outside it, speaking with different accents, and having different ideals, and yet everyone comes together peacefully.


Most of my classmates seems to be very respectful and responsible in class. The students are really diverse, which could creat a warm enviroment of interest. Some students are very collective of the informations given in class, however some has a difficult time.


My classmates at Penn State Altoona are extremely diverse. You truely can fit in somewhere and feel like part of a group. They seem to be a mature group of students that are willing to help out and get involved in many of the activities around campus. The comfort I feel from being on campus is do to the friendly and careing nature of many of the students that go to Penn State Altoona.


My classmates are a very diverse group of people with many different persoanlities. They are able to help whenever anyone needs anything, so it makes the college experience comforting and more adaptable.


I feel that my classmates at Penn State are very available, in the sense that if I would ever need anything, whether it be help on a project or even just advice they would always be there to lend a hand, or an ear.




smart friendly and outgoing


My classmates are generally very nice, and supportive.


Many of my classmate's try hard and many like to drink. Some seem to find it hard to do both so, if living off campus, be careful who you decide to live with so that your work does not suffer because of them.


My classmates are friendly and open-minded.