Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Altoona Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My university is best known for our football team and campus parties and on a slightly smaller scale to quality of teaching.


Pennsylvania State University Altoona is best known for preparing students to go to Pennsylvania State University's main campus. It provides students with the comfort of a small campus but the recognition of such a prestigous university as Penn State. Altoona helps with the adjustment to college life without being place in the middle of Penn States biggest campus. It's known for being the second biggest campus Penn State offers. Here you can focus on getting your general education credits out of the way before heading up to main campus where you can focus on your intended major.


My institution is best known for their innovative academics and teachers that are willing to teach prospective students.


My college is best known for their football games. Penn State University has a high rating when it comes to game time. There would be events such as blue and white weekend where students as well as faculty and staff would show off their pride and spirit. At the local campus where I am at the students would go up to the main campus and celebrate and enjoy themselves mainly for the sole purpose of the games.


Our school is best known for its football at the main campus. Due to this, we also have one of the highest rankings on the "top party schools", but this doesn't mean the education received is bad.


Penn State Altoona is one of the largest branch campuses of Penn State University, and is less than an hour drive from it. Penn State University has a very good reputation for the Business program, along with Engineering program. It is also in the Big 10 athletic conference. One of the biggest things about Penn State is it's marketing name; Penn State is known and respected globally. Penn State Altoona offers degrees in Business, Engineering Technology and IST.