Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Altoona Top Questions

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Major degree without being just another number at a big school


It is not a really big school, so you get to meet almost everybody in it. I feel like sometimes it is a little to small, but then again it could be the perfect size at times. People are really friendly, not matter if they are either really rich or really poor. Everybody treats you equally. Professor are very easy to rich and some of them really want to see you succeding in life.




The most unique I aspect about my school is that we have ducks. I know this sounds strange but my school has a pound which is full of ducks but these are no ordinary ducks. As a freshmen I learned that the Penn State Altoona campus was the home of these ducks. They walked around and swam in the pound all year round, even during the winter they would not leave. This is truly what makes my campus so unique.


Small campus, with a degree from a nationally recognised school. Small classes, more attention to each individual student. Community atmostphere, that's accepting of all races, classes, genders or sexual orientation.


Teachers are the most helpful. Students are friendly.


Penn State Altoona is very unique considering it is a very nice branch campus to Penn State University and it offers many two and four year programs to its students. I also feel that this college is very involved with the student body and prides itself on acedemic integrity as well as putting the students needs and desires first. The professors will go out of their way for any student and as long as they ask for help they will recieve it. The one thing that I really enjoy is how easy it was to transition here into college life.


My college is right in the community, and that is very helpful. There is a grocery store, a bank, and many restaurants right around the campus.


You have the luxury of attending a smaller school while having access to Penn State Main campus which is only about 4o minutes away and most people have cars or there are buses to take up there to attend the football games and such.